16 December 2014

Tin Can Craft - Holiday Gift Container

Gift giving is much more fun when it's packaged in an unexpected way. And a recycled tin can makes the perfect holiday gift container when it's been appropriately dressed for the occassion. For a gift that's every bit unique as it is delightful, try making a tin can craft holiday gift container. 

tin can holiday gift containers
Bright, happy, + fun.

succulent planted in thrift store container

A unique plant is always a fun gift option. This succulent is reminiscent of a whimsical Christmas tree and had lots of personality - perfect for the plant lover on your list. 

But before I gifted my delightful little plant, I transferred it to a thrift store jar that fit inside my decorated tin can. When the season's festivities are over, this planted succulent can be removed from its holiday vase and enjoyed throughout the year while the decorated container is stored away to re-use for many happy holidays to come.

recycled tin can decorated with felt

All that's needed for this project is a sheet of felt in your chosen color, craft glue, some metallic ribbon, and a package of tinsel pom poms.

making a tin can gift container

I loved using a bright white felt as a backdrop for the metallic embellishments. It's a gift that can't help but make you smile.

recycled tin can crafts

And if you have more people on your list with a brown thumb than with a green thumb, your decorated tin is also a perfect container to hold those yummy baked goods everyone loves. So make enough to share!

happy holiday tin can craft


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  1. So easy and stylish!! I've, as of late, had a love affair with gold, so this will definitely be going on the list of things to make!


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