04 December 2014

Making Merry - Peppermint Stripe Holiday Bunting

Making merry with peppermint stripe holiday bunting.

We created this bright + happy bunting as part of the children's table for the upcoming holiday celebrations. It's a fun way to help the little ones celebrate in their own special way as they take part in all aspects of the season. From the handmade crafts to learning to set a table, they enjoy being included along the way.

All you need are just a few supplies: red + white paper straws, baker's twine, craft glue, + tinsel pom poms. And in case you're like me and are bogged down with Christmas chores, I've added a link to the supplies I used below for a fast + easy delivery to your door:

View blog post for supplies

Making bunting is an easy step-by-step process once you see it. Just follow these simple directions:
  • Cut your baker's twine three times the length of your desired end product. To the twine, thread a needle if you have one available. (The weight will help drop the thread through the straw.) 
  • String your straws to the twine in the following order: one straw which has been cut in half, then two full length straws. Be sure to leave approximately 8" of twine at the beginning of the bunting for stringing.
  • Join the straws together into a triangle.
  • Tie a small knot at the junction to secure the bunting stays in place.
  • Thread your twine through the half-straw and repeat until you have the straws in place.
  • Once complete, tie a second knot at the end junction then trim the twine leaving about 8" for stringing.
  • Glue tinsel pom poms at each junction.

Help the little ones celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a bright + happy Peppermint Stripe Holiday Bunting.

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