11 December 2014

How to Make a Wintry Flocked Snow Garland

Create the look of a wintry flocked Christmas tree with a snow garland.

how to make snow garland
white dove on a wintry white christmas tree

In this year's Christmas decorating, I used a lot of whites mixed with metallics. I love how the whites and the shimmery metals evoke the feeling of a snow capped forest. So when it came to decorating our tree, I knew I wanted to create the appearance of a snow flocked tree. To get the look, I made snow garland using a bag of polyester fiberfill. The effect was exactly what I was after and couldn't have been easier.

Using a bag of premium polyester fiberfill, I pulled small hand fulls from the bag, gently stretched it into strands of garland, then draped it over the tree's branches. 

I let my garland remain relatively clumpy with some areas thicker than others so that it resembled puffs of snow.

I'd like to say I spent hours on it, but I'd be lying. It took no more than 20 minutes to create this look. Seriously, it was just that simple, and I love the effect it gives.

wintry flocked snow garland

Making this snow garland for our Christmas tree was the perfect finish for my wintry Christmas scene.

wintry christmas decor

vintage disco ball under a christmas tree

Of course, having a retro disco ball doesn't hurt, either.


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