18 November 2014

Winter Nesting With Wayfair

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our weekend project.

A beautiful chandelier we scored for $49! Isn't it glorious?

It was a chore, having to wash, dry, and hang every one of its 102 acrylic canes. But, for $49, it was totally worth it. And finding this beauty almost makes up for the chrome and blue velvet sofa I let slip away last weekend. Almost. (I still dream of what could have been with that sofa... But I love this chandelier, and I suppose I should share the vintage goodness with others in order to keep balance in the world. Right?)

And then the domino effect took place. You know the one - you add something new and glorious and then it suddenly becomes apparent that the rest of your spaces lack the same awesomeness. Yes, after this stunning beauty was hung in the dining room, our adjoining living room definitely needed a refresh.

I added a pair of sheepskin pillows I recently purchased from Wayfair and things immediately began to look up.

Then I added a tray of shiny things to the coffee table. Shiny things = fancy.

At the time, I couldn't decide on the throws, and I'm so glad I held off because Wayfair is having a four-day sale beginning November 20th through the 24th with 15% off. Once the sale takes effect, I'm going to dive in like a crazy lady. Now I just need to decide which ones.

Here are a few options I'm looking at.

Pillows, Poufs and Throws

1. blue Echo throw 2. Trina Turk pillow 3. Chooty & Co fur throw 4. Swiss cross pillow 5. fur pillow 6. Europa tassel throw 7. Edyth tangelo pillow 8. herringbone throw 9. bargello pillow 10. Judy throw

The throws have a wonderful texture to them, and the pillows are bright and bold. And I can only imagine that sheepskin throw to be so warm + inviting. But adding one more piece of fur into the space might be taking the look a little too far. Besides, those thick weave cotton throws with the adorable oversized tassels are really calling me. What do you think?

If you'd also like to get in on this timely sale before your holiday guests arrive, use promo code WFPTP15 on checkout between November 20-24th. Between the 15% discount and Wayfair's free shipping, it's a fantastically smart time to buy. But don't procrastinate if you find something you like. I've noticed that some of my favorites have already sold out for the season.

I'm completely motivated to add some warm and cozy new additions to our living room while taking advantage of a great deal.

If you're preparing for guests over the holidays or just preparing your nest for the winter, now is a great time to make those purchases you need for your home. With 15% off and free shipping you'll be a smart and savvy shopper! Be sure to use promo code WFPTP15 on checkout.



  1. I Love that pillow!

  2. Awesome post! So inspiring. I could spend all of the dollars at Wayfair!

  3. Oh, ghirrrl! It's even better in person!

  4. Hey, thanks Milisa!!! And I agree - my household budget has its own personal relationship with Wayfair!

  5. Yes to winter nesting! And I love the colors you've used. It is so hard to use blue and have the room still feel warm. Nice!

  6. In LOVE with that pillow! Unfortunately, Max the dog would also love it LOL! Great score on the chandelier too! I call it the "paint the hallway effect". You paint the hallway, the bedroom looks bad, then the bathroom, then the...well you get it ;-)

  7. Domestically SpeakingNovember 18, 2014 at 12:42 PM

    Beautiful winter decor!

  8. Exactly! Funny you mentioned the pets because our cats reacted as if a new pet had come into the household. I can see why they'd be confused at first!

  9. This is so beautiful! I love all of it!


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