27 November 2014

Merry Making - Baker's Twine Pom Pom Bow

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! I'm popping in to wish you and your loved ones a day of happiness + goodness all around! And don't forget to give thanks to the turkey who made it all possible.

So, if you're anything like me, you immediately begin thinking about decorating the glorious evergreen and adding pretty presents underneath just as soon as the turkey has been put away.  If so, then pour the spiked eggnog, pull out the boxes of gift paper and ribbon, and let's get started with the handmade goodness!

baker's twine pom pom bow

I couldn't wait to start the holiday season off with a simple little gift embellishment to include in your  upcoming wrapping excursion. It's a simple yet fun detail that adds a handmade element to your gifts.

pom pom gift bow

Making pom poms is ridiculously easy, 'cause that's pretty much how I roll. I used about 6 feet of twine per pom pom for each, which sounds like a lot; but you want your pom pom to be full and fluffy.
steps for making a pom pom

Start by wrapping your twine around a playing card (this will give you about a 2" pom pom). Remove your twine while keeping it intact. Take another 6-8 inch piece of twine and tie it securely around the middle. Do not trim the excess twine from the tie - you'll use this to tie it to your package. Lastly, run your scissors through the collected loops of twine and cut. Repeat on the other side then fluff.

pom pom gift bow

handmade pom pom

So easy and so adorable! Happy merry making!


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