21 October 2014

Starry Night Pumpkin Luminary

It's beginning to look like fall with the addition of some pansies and snapdragons to the front entry. Just a little tweak to start the seasonal transition. While I was at it, I couldn't resist the happy orange of a few pumpkins. I love how they look against the blue door.

fall front entry
I even purchased one of my very own to carve. With Halloween being so near, a starry night pumpkin luminary is the perfect way to entertain the night's events.

carving a starry night pumpkin luminary

I created a galaxy of "stars" by using a drill and various sized bits. The larger holes became Sirius stars as I carved bright bursts around each.

starry night pumpkin luminary

I even added a comet or two. A bright and happy way to light your entry on this spookiest of evenings.



  1. karen@somewhatquirkydesignOctober 21, 2014 at 10:11 AM

    Love this. This is my speed of carving!

  2. That is SO pretty, Sarah! Great idea! Your porch is beautiful...I love the formal symmetry!


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