09 October 2014

Rustic Painted Antlers

And the winner of the Weekend Passes to the Country Living Fair is Sarah Harrison! Yay, Sarah, and Congratulations girl!!! Sarah, be sure to contact me asap so we can finalize the deets!

The Country Living Fair is my absolute favorite - filled with all sorts of creative and inspiring vintage dealers - and it's the perfect way to kick start the fall season. I can't wait for all the goodness! And speaking of fall, here's an easy project that will add a warm, natural feel to your fall decor - rustic painted antlers.

rustic painted antlers
I love adding rustic pieces into my home, especially when I begin styling for the cold months ahead. Adding natural elements helps anchor the interior to the winter backdrop.

A favorite which I've been using for the past few years are the antlers I added to the foyer a couple of weeks ago. I just love how they look when they're painted in a warm winter white. The soft patina fits in lovely with the neutral look I'm going with this year. And painting them is as easy as any other chalk paint application - two coats of paint, a light sanding, and a coat of wax.

painting mounted deer antlers

Here's mine after two coats of paint to the wood mount (and one coat to the felt).

I know it can be hard to stop at two coats when it doesn't look as if the coverage is adequate, but remember that you'll be removing much of what you're applying once you sand it down, so don't create more work for yourself. The end goal is a worn patina that lets the wood peek through.

You could also paint the antlers; but these were so attractive, I chose to keep them natural.

rustic painted deer antlers

Using artist brushes helps as you work around the mount, felt, and cording. And if two coats doesn't cut it in this area, definitely add another. The felt and cording should be completely saturated in paint with no bleed-through.

painting antlers

Once your paint has dried, sand down the wood portion of the mount to reveal the wood underneath. Add a coat of wax, and buff it out for a nice sheen. The organic feel of chalk paint is ideal for this project.

diy painted antlers

Rustic painted antlers are a perfect way to add a natural element to your fall home.



  1. karen@somewhatquirkydesignOctober 9, 2014 at 11:39 AM

    I need to find some antlers. I have a friend whose husband provides her with all the skulls and antlers she can bear. I just want one set... Yours look great.

  2. I agree. One of these on a wall is plenty! Although, a collection of naturally shedded antlers filling a silver bowl is another story all together!

  3. Sarah I have to tell you, this totally not my aesthetic, but these antlers keep growing on me and I really like them! Who knew? Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks, Julie! I'm glad you enjoyed them. My house is a crazy mix of styles, so it's "anything goes" at any given time!


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