23 October 2014

A Fall Display for the Potting Bench

The cooler weather has me outdoors doing my annual garden clean-up. As I do, I like to salvage the pretty bits and use them to add interest to the soon-to-be-sleeping landscape.

dusty miller leaf

This year I used a lot of silver in my plantings. Dusty miller and dichondra are two of my favorites. With so much of it in my garden, I couldn't help but be inspired by their beautiful hues. You saw it in my neutral fall foyer last month, and I loved it so much that I'm carrying it out to the back deck as I tidy up the kitchen garden.

white fall display


rustic white fall display

This year I salvaged a rusty antique garden table for the deck and placed it between the kitchen garden and sitting area. It gets a lot of use, particularly as a potting bench when we're not entertaining. And the painted loft ladder is used to hang dried flowers, herbs, and an ocassional garden trowel.

silver fall arrangement

During the cold months they'll get a short respite from all the hard work with a pretty collection of garden finds from the season. Right now, that includes white pumpkins, dried hydrangeas, and my wreaths filled with the year's garden bits.

fall display in white and silver

To dress things up, I made a simple wreath by lightly painting a grapevine wreath with silver paint then tucking sprigs of dichondra and stems of dusty miller inside.

silver fall display

I let the sprigs fall loosely where they pleased. I love its simplistic nature.

outdoor fall display

As the weather gets colder, perhaps I'll add bits of evergreens and berries. But for now, I think it's perfectly perfect.

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