30 September 2014

Miniature Gardens in Vintage Tins

With the upcoming holidays sneaking up, I have an inexpensive gift that's as thoughtful as it is fun to make. Create a collection of miniature gardens by using vintage gelatin tins and succulents. They're easy to create and make the perfect "no-fail" hostess gift.

Vintage gelatin tins are relatively easy to find in thrift stores and vintage shops, and they're generally quite affordable. I love to use them as organizers in my craft room and often give them as gifts filled with little tokens. But this year I thought a set of tins would a be fun way to share some annual succulents I have growing in my garden.

To make these petite pots, fill your molds with a loose soil and add enough water so that they're the consistency of a wet sponge. Then simply add sprigs of portulaca or other succulent. I arranged mine in the shape of a wreath as a nod to the upcoming holidays, since this is when I'll be sharing them.

Place your pots in a well lit window and keep your soil moist by adding a tablespoon or two of water each week until the sprigs take root (approx 3-4 weeks). Once they've established themselves, reduce your watering to 1-2 teaspoons per week or every other week depending on the humidity of your winter home. And as they begin to grow, keep them pinched to retain the wreath shape.

By the time the holidays roll around, your containers will be well established and ready for gift giving.

If you're looking for a thoughtful gift that expresses your appreciation and admiration, try making these miniature succulent gardens. They're easy to create and will continue to inspire long after the holiday season has passed.

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  1. These are adorable! They remind me of some I found at the Country Living magazine's fair!! Perfection!

  2. love these!! they are so pretty!! and perfect for your plants...

  3. Thanks, Ursala! I can't wait to hit the CL fair in Atlanta this month!!!

  4. What a perfect containers for those lovies. Just lovely

  5. Those are so lovely! Pretty little containers

  6. What a great idea! These look so lovely!

  7. Laura / Pet ScribblesOctober 7, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    These are so very pretty!


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