25 September 2014

DIY Blue Opaline Glass

An easy way to add a dose of color is by using colored glass. And one of my favorites is the beautiful hue of blue opaline. But blue opaline is highly coveted, hard to come by, and typically comes at a steep price. So when I decided to add some to our bath, I diy'd my own version with inexpensive thrift store glass and a "just right" shade of spray paint.

spray painting glass

I love the transformation it made going from dime store glass to opaline in a matter of minutes.

thrift store glass compote

When I selected my glassware, I looked for inexpensive pressed glass that had similar characteristics in their design. So even though the patterns differ, each one had a diamond motif that helped tie them together.

To make these, I thoroughly cleaned my pieces in soap and water then wiped them down with isopropyl alcohol to remove any greasy residue. Next, I simply sprayed the outside of the glass with several light coats of paint (Rust-oleum's "Blue Sky") while leaving the interior unpainted. This creates the dimensional look of opaline and keeps the interior scratch-free.

spray painted blue opaline glass

 It's such a simple project with a beautiful end result.
diy blue opaline glassware

diy blue opaline from thrift store glass

Keep in mind that spray painted glassware is fragile. I only use it on decorative items or ones that will get minimal use. However, if you'd like to try it on an item that may get more wear, one kind commenter recommends this sealer by Krylon to help protect the finish. 



  1. I have never thought of spray-painting glassware! Neat idea.

  2. Thanks, Melanie! It's so fun and easy to do; but remember that painted glass is not ideal for everyday glassware (unless it's a paint specifically designed for glass). I reserve spray paint only for pieces used as display or light use.

  3. Sarah, I spray painted some clear glass dishes like this but had no idea it had a name. These are absolutely gorgeous. I love the color you used.

  4. Thanks, Julie! It's so easy to do, anyone can make these!


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