16 September 2014

Decorative No Slip Clothes Hangers

I love to create practical and pretty items from things on hand. These no-slip clothes hangers are one of those things. Made with discarded tee shirts and plastic clothes hangers, this is a fun project most anyone can do.

Most of us have a collection of plastic clothes hangers we've regretfully purchased on a whim. We quickly learn how impractical they are once we find our clothes on the floor more often than we find them on the hanger. And the clothes that do manage to stay put tend to stretch out disproportionally over time. But instead of tossing them into the landfill, let's create a set of hangers that are practical and pretty.


  • Tee Shirt Yarn (see instructions here) or other yarn/thread
  • Plastic Clothes Hangers (I used all white)

Cut your lengths of yarn to approximately 14-16" long. I simply used the length of the hanger as a quick guide.

Start by placing your first piece of yarn at your beginning point from the bottom of the hanger. Be sure to leave about 1/2" of excess yarn which will be hidden underneath the wrapped portion. Securing in this manner keeps the wrapped yarn from coming unraveled on the hanger.

Simply wrap yarn around the 1/2" excess as you wrap your way up the hanger. Pull the yarn as tight as you can as you go to ensure it all stays in place.

Keep wrapping until you have about 1 1/2" of yarn left. At that time, pull your yarn tight and tie a knot in the last loop. Tie another knot at the bottom of the tail for a finishing touch.

Do the same thing to the other side.

Aren't these clothes hangers so much cuter? And the yarn will keep your clothing from slipping onto the floor.

I hung my hangers in our guest room closet. There's something comforting about having little handmade touches for your guests. And this one will be an unexpected surprise one for them.

I hope you'll try making some hangers of your own. It's so easy and a great way to make something useful out of all those plastic hangers you have on hand. And if you find you have extra t-shirt yarn left over, try making another creative project using tee shirt yarn - this Tie Dye Textile Wall Art.

It's another simple yet fun project!

Linking to my favorite pary "The Makers."


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