18 September 2014

Acrylic Side Table - Thriftstore Score

I adore acrylic furniture, especially the vintage pieces relatively in good condition (this stuff is so fragile), so I was elated to score this acrylic side table for... Drumroll... $6. Yep. Six buckaroos!

vintage acrylic side table

Isn't it nice? Elegant and a bit coy in all that understated loveliness.

eclectic interior setting

I'm trying to find a permanent spot for it in my home, but it's not coming easily. Sadly, I'm at the point where something has to go out before I can bring in anything new. And considering I've already whittled down my collection to only the things I can't live without, you understand my delimma.

Dansk onion candlesticks

But it's vintage acrylic.

acrylic waterfall table

And I surely can't live without it.

vintage Italian decanter

Perhaps it's time for an whole-house overhaul because, you know, it's vintage acrylic. And I just can't live without it.

Have you noticed all the fall interiors showing up lately? I think I may be ready to accept the reality that another summer has come and gone. But, dang! It flew by crazy fast this year!



  1. Beautiful! and six bucks!!!!! wow! It is clear you know - just squeeze it in somewhere.

  2. Karen, you make it sound so easy! ;)


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