23 September 2014

A Neutral Fall Foyer

I've been transitioning the change of seasons by incorporating a few fall items into the foyer. This year I seem to be gravitating to the soft warm neutrals of autumn. Their colors temper the most vivid of seasons with a bit of quiet and solitude, and I love that.

neutral fall decor

Hydrangeas are a fall favorite for good reason. Their beauty lingers from summer through autumn. Last year's production was one of the best I've ever seen, and I'm so glad I went to the trouble of saving a large bundle.

floral arrangment of hydrangea and dusty miller

I gathered them into a handmade basket and filled in sprigs of dusty miller for a touch of color. The faded blooms of the hydrangeas were a perfect match to the cream pumpkins.

rustic fall decor

And I love how the blue-green of the dusty miller compliments the soft palette.

rustic fall decor

During the cooler months is when I most appreciate the antique pieces in my home. There's something comforting about the warmth of the wood and the smooth surface of a worn patina.

neutral fall decorating

A little touch of handmade is another seasonal comfort. The pomander pumpkins I made last year made their way into the decor again, and they still smell delicious.

neutral fall colors

In contrast to this year's palatte, last year's fall decor was a celebration of all the vivid colors blooming in my garden at the time. It was a kaleidoscope of purples, yellows, reds, and greys that was absolutely stunning.

vivid fall floral arrangement

But this year seems to be a quiet celebration with the neutrals of the season playing a dominant role.

fall decorating

After a very hectic and busy summer, this year's fall inspiration is a quiet one that takes advantage of the soft warm neutrals of the season. I love how it contrasts with the burst of colors I used last year. 

For me, accessorizing my home has as much to do with the feeling it evokes as it does with how a room looks. And this year looks to be calm and peaceful. 

Today is the first day of fall. What's inspiring your decor this season?



  1. This is so lovely...the addition of dusty miller to the hydrangea makes it truly wonderful...

  2. Kelly, I've missed seeing your blog! So many of my favorites have gotten lost in the abyss of the email debacle of 2014. I'm off to find you again!

  3. I think so, too. That subtle bit of color made all the difference.

  4. Up to Date InteriorsSeptember 24, 2014 at 9:44 AM

    Very pretty and elegant. I love all of the neutrals.

  5. Sarah, this is beautiful. I love everything about it but especially those hydrangeas. I love all the neutrals and texture. Cathy

  6. Darleen - Places In The HomeSeptember 24, 2014 at 1:48 PM

    Hi Sarah! I'm visiting from Savvy Southern Style, and your lovely foyer decor is very welcoming for fall. The hydrangeas and dusty miller complement the look beautifully.

  7. Welcome, Darleen, and thanks so much for your kind comment!


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