26 August 2014

{Home-ology} Modern Vintage Home Tour

Back in July I joined in on a summer home blog tour. It was the push I needed to finally piece together a little album of our home. It was also great timing after a six month exterior renovation. With that said, I thought now would be the perfect time to post the tour on my own blog for posterity. Because it will probably never look this pristine ever again...

As you go through our home you'll find that my style leans to an eclectic mix of antiques and modern pieces. Growing up with a family of antiquing matriarchs (and being an antiques dealer myself), my style has developed into one that blends modern and mid-century with fine antiques. It's an ever-changing landscape that's constantly evolving, and I absolutely love the freedom it allows me.

The image above is a severely cropped view of our property; but it gives you an idea of our exterior. Our home sits on five rolling acres surrounded by neighboring horse pastures. Being a Colonial, we chose to keep the exterior colors traditional with a white body and charcoal trim. But when we restored the exterior of our home recently, I decided to veer from my usual pine green painted front door and go with a bold color. I chose "Loyal Blue" from Sherwin Williams. Now I realize that for many of you it's not a very bold choice, but I'm a neutral-loving girl at heart. So jumping into any new color was taking a step out of my comfort zone. But I have to say that I absolutely love that I did. Having that happy pop of color at the front door makes me smile every time I enter and has given me a new appreciation for the impact that color can add.

You may be wondering why I didn't have the brick steps pressure washed to make it look new again along with the rest of the exterior. After all, the entire facade is new. Well, I specifically asked them not to clean it. I've nurtured that beautiful patina for years. Is it crazy that I love my brick to have a patina? I also encourage moss to grow on my patio rocks, so...

From the front door we enter into what I think is the most fun part of the house, the foyer. I absolutely love foyers. Foyers are the first impression into you, your family, and your home, so I like to keep mine updated seasonally with the things I love (which usually includes a floral or three).



Once you exit the foyer, you're led through a small entryway into our living space.

This Victorian secretary is a practical piece that hold a collection of my mother's old gardening and nature books. Each book was heavily read and is complete with notations. This secretary is also where we store our collection of cd's, dvd's, and game stations.

In the living space you'll find antiques mixed in with new pieces. My grandparents collected French antiques while living in the country during WWII, and many of them I now have in my home. I enjoy mixing them up with the 20th century modern pieces I love. Blending styles and getting them to work in a seamless fashion is a challenge, but I absolutely love the end result.

This vignette is a good example showing how I like to incorporate differing styles. The neutral fabric of this deconstructed French chair (I keep promising to finish it) keeps it from looking dated as it sits underneath a 1960's Sonnemon orbiter lamp. And next to it is a pair of Danish Modern candlesticks beside a collection of succulents. I love the unexpected juxtaposition of it all.

Here you can see how tight our living space is. The open layout helps it feel more spacious, as well as floor length windows.

A collection of wax seal stamps

Open to the living space is the dining area. A Danish Modern dining set mixes here with a French Country sideboard. Fresh blooms in these organic-shaped vases add a pop of color in the room and help keep things from being too stuffy.

Also in the dining area is a fun collection of Italian wine decanters. I love their elongated necks and teardrop stoppers, but it's hard to find them in colors other than amber + green. So my quest continues...

From the dining room, we come go full circle via the kitchen, the laundry room, and powder room back to the foyer. And off the foyer is our master suite. The layout of our main level is similar to a loft, with everything being a bit open and public. And being in such a public area of the house, I think of our bedroom in those terms as I decorate it.

You can never have too many mirrors, I say. I have several groupings in our home, and I lust love the way it bounces light in a room. Also, you can't beat them for making a room feel larger.

I'm dreaming of one day having a beautifully large wall textile hanging above our bed. But until I find the perfect one, these sea urchins are a lot of fun. Would you ever hang those things above your head?Trust me when I say they are well attached!

I love these recent updates we did to the bedroom. It's probably my most favorite space in the house, other than...

Our outdoor spaces.

This patio extends along the entire side of our house and was a true labor of love to construct. We spent most of a summer laying every one of those stones ourselves. It was brutal, and I'll never do another. However, I don't regret a single second of it. We love how this space turned out, and we use it all the time.

Like the interior of our house, our exterior spaces are a big mix of new and vintage. And it was all updated as a part of the exterior remodel. In order to help fund the project, we auctioned off our old patio furniture then had this mcm set of Homecrest restored. I love how its design mixes with the antiques. The concrete urns are a pair I've had for years. They were plucked from the steps of a NY townhouse dating back to the early 1900's. The white ceramic planter is a find from Homegoods.

As I mentioned, the patio space was a labor of love. If you'd like to see more of it, you can visit this earlier post I did a couple of years ago.

So there we have it - a brief tour of our home. I hope you enjoyed a peek into my style and the home I love to share. It's an ever-changing design that's filled with the things our family loves (along with good food, good wine, and a whole lot of happy noise).



  1. I love every inch of it! So beautiful and welcoming! Thank-you for the lovely tour... now off to find some wax seal stamps and those hand mirrors, swoon!

  2. Sarah, your home is stunning. I enjoyed the tour.

  3. Your home is so soothing and welcoming! I love the calm feeling it evokes! Thank you for welcoming us in!

  4. Jane@Cottage at the CrossroadsAugust 26, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    I enjoyed your home tour, Sarah! You have a gift of melding old and new and making it all look so interesting. And I noticed the moss growing between the stone on your patio. I'm trying to encourage some to grow in our stone walkway!

  5. Thanks for those kind words, Laurie!

  6. Thanks for noticing my moss. I cultivate it with love! Mine is thriving in the sand we used to lay the stone - nothing more than that (+ lots of water). ;)

  7. Oh, Candace, that is so sweet of you to say. Thanks!

  8. Mary Beth, thank you; and thank you for taking time out to comment!

  9. I love your home! and please please keep the patina on you front steps! I love patina, of course I am a moss, rust and flaking paint girl anytime!

    There is not one room you did, that I don't see wonderful creativity...your home is gorgeous!

  10. Thank you so much, Christine. And I completely agree, all things (including myself) deserve to keep their well earned patinas!

  11. Oh, I love your home! I love how creative you've been in mixing so many different styles and textures. I am in love with your dining room chandelier. And I am diggin' the brick! I heart moss and brick patina too!


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