19 August 2014

Gold Painted Desk Accessories + A Finished Work Space

I'm back working on the office project we began last fall which I embarrassingly deserted for more exciting things over the spring and summer. Yes, I'm bad about abandoning projects for long periods all for the sake of a good time; but what the heck, YOLO.

Besides, the space is finished and functional for the most part. I had only to organize the files and the work surface before I could call it done. Why are the small details always the hardest?

disorganized work space 

Definitely quite a bit of disorganization and unfinished filing...

messy work station

And after redesigning the file cabinet fronts, I should have had that finished long ago.

cluttered work space

In all honesty, I'll admit that I was secretly hoping our master bedroom would only be temporary housing for the office as my husband came to his senses on the matter. But I had to claim defeat in the battle, and the office in the master is here to stay. With that settled, I'm now on a quest to make it a little prettier.

As we worked on this space last fall, it was filled with quite a few diy's. So I'm finishing it off with one last one by painting the office accessories gold. I love how doing this quick trick ties all the elements on the desktop together.

spray painted office accessories

And I really like how the gold goes with the acrylic pieces I've been collecting. The two keep the work surface feeling light and clean.

gold painted office accessories

This acrylic tray was an inexpensive project I did as a way to corral all the necessary little things.

Adding a few bud vases contains the bits and pieces in a way that's easily accessible.

acrylic and gold designed office space

And a dressed up thrift store clipboard now holds my calendars.

designing a work space

modern work space design

As a final finishing touch, I incorporated a couple of dressy pieces so that office space now feels like an integral part of the bedroom rather than a poorly planned addition.

diy office space

Now that all the clutter is in its proper place, I can finally call this space done - just in time for my laundry room project...

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  1. You're my details hero. Never. In a million years. Would I think of painting the office accessories. Everything looks amazing. I love the fronts of the file drawers.

  2. It's amazing how painting a hodge-podge of office accessories ties everything together!

  3. That is so fun! I'm lucky if I can even find my scissors in my piles of clutter half the time.. If I spray painted it gold it would be camouflaged!


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