15 July 2014

Just Add Water

This week the dog + I are travelling with my husband. He works out of town; and this home-away-from-home gets a bit barren when he's left to tend it on his own.

pink crepe myrtle blossomBringing in some greenery as soon as we step in the door always breathes much needed life into the space.
floralarrangement in vintage bowl

I found a giant Crepe Myrtle that's blooming profusely this week.

pink crepe myrtle
I placed a giant bundle of its pink blossoms into a vintage mixing bowl.
summer boquet in a vintage bowl
And I just add water.

So pretty. What's inspiring you this week?



  1. So gorgeous!!! It was so nice to meet you at Haven!

  2. These are beautiful, Sarah. The crepe myrtles seem to be in their peak right now and are just gorgeous here.

  3. I'm relishing in their fleeting beauty!

  4. It was such a treat to meet you, Candace. You are such a special person to bring everyone together like you did.

  5. Gorgeous Sarah!!We don't have crepe myrtles here in CO but, after seeing yours in that perfect bowl, I sure want some!!

  6. My favorite tree. Your blooms are so pretty.


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