17 July 2014

Color Crush - Pink + Gold

I've been craving more + more color in my world, and one of my favorites is the combination of pink and gold.

My version takes it out of  the nursery and into the main living spaces.

Pop & Scott
Where it becomes fresh and modern.

This vision would never make it past the front door in my home; but I can't help but dream of an urban apartment where I could judiciously add a splash here and there.

a thoughtful place

And I was recently introduced to this exquisite marble contact paper. I think I need to find a reason for it.



  1. Pink and gold may be my favorite color combination - well except for black and white. Pink and silver isn't bad either. That first picture - the couch - oh my! Do you think my husband would go for a pink couch? I have a collection of them on Pinterest.

  2. No husband I know of would be happy with that awesome pink couch. Why? I do not know. Pink couches are to die for. Men, not so much...

  3. Hah! My husband is pretty easy going about all my decor things. I think the hardest part for him would be how uncomfortable that couch would be. So when I pick out a pink couch it will have to be very comfortable.


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