06 June 2014

Weekly Recap

It's Friday, and where has this week gone anyway? I have been incredibly busy but have very little to show for it. I think it all started last weekend when my favorite guy + I enjoyed our 19th anniversary at the Atlanta Food + Wine Festival. Yep, 19 years... ;)

atlanta food and wine festival, #atlfwf 2014

So much fun. We went last year just to enjoy all the Southern cuisine at the tasting tents; but I really wanted to take the courses offered as well, so this year we made an entire day of it starting off with a couple of cooking classes and ending it with the fabulous tasting tents which had a food to alcohol ratio of 50/50. I was a happy camper. Thank goodness we stayed in town for the night!

My favorite class was all about cooking with the native plants indigenous to your region and taking advantage of their brief growing season. Man oh man, dolmas made with wild muscadine leaves - so amazingly good. Another fave was crispy greens over stone ground grits with a blueberry puree. Seriously, who knew foraged food was for more than just survival? 

But my absolute favorite was a Southern-Style Mojito using a puree of foraged wild strawberries, honeysuckle simple syrup, and wild mint all muddled together with rum. The rum was not indigenous to the area, by the way. The flavor was so indescribably delicious. I'm hoping to get permission to republish that bad boy. Trust me when I say you will want to try it.

Mod Podge Collage Clay

And I received an fun package in the mail this week as well. Mod Podge is always a good thing. I'm having fun with this project and can't wait to reveal what I did. (I might say it's a tad addictive!)

Vintage Homecrest lounge chair

My lounge chairs came back from being restored this week, and I'm working to put together the new patio area. It's a work in progress right now.

the problem with foam corks

The frustration moment of the week went to this bottle of wine. I was so excited to open this special purchase Georgia wine I've been saving but was deterred by a cheap a** foam cork. Seriously? Who does that? And it wasn't a cheap bottle of wine, so there's no excuse for it. #SoNotAHappyCamper

patio space

That glass of wine always goes with my favorite afternoon chore, watering my rocks. Actually I'm watering the moss between the rocks, but my husband doesn't see it that way and says I water rocks. Whatev's.
sarah krouse on pippet homeology modern vintage

Have you tried the new ap, Pippet? I joined and am having a little bit of fun. I haven't had the time to delve into all the details, but it looks to be a keeper. Follow me at Homeologymodernvintage.

antique garden table

Lastly, another unfinished project. 

I'm hoping to add this beautiful antique to the patio space I'm working on. It was intended to be my entire post for today; but I underestimated the work it was going to require. Three hours of sanding, people. That's seriously a lot of sanding. My hand was vibrating to the bone when I quit. I decided the paint could hold off for another day.

So that's it for my week. Lot's of productivity but little to show for it. But don't feel bad for me because the boat is sparkling clean, stocked,  and oh so ready for an afternoon cruise. And that's my weekend plan (Holla)!

Happy weekend!


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