13 June 2014

Summer Entertaining on the Deck

I'm so happy I added the garden table to the new deck. It fits the space perfectly and was much needed once I gave up the old outdoor furniture (which included a dining set). And although we rarely ate at the big dining table, having a landing place for food and drinks was convenient- especially when we entertain.

The antique table I added is much smaller, so I had to make accommodations for the loss. But by utilizing several small tables that can easily be moved around and by making some pieces do double-duty, I've made it all work seamlessly without a lot of clutter.

summer entertaining on the deck

My favorite are the two tall planters I incorporated into the space. When not entertaining, I use the planters as intended. But when we're entertaining, the stored liners go back in the planters and they become a cooler for the iced beverages. Set right next to the serving area, they do a great job at insulating while taking up very little property in this small space.

planter used as a cooler

I love that these planters are doing double duty.

This weekend we have a large crowd coming into town. Our plans are a day of outdoor games and BBQ beef brisket (happy!). The kids will be running around. The men will hover around the grill enjoying a good beer. And for the ladies, we'll chat, eat fresh fruit + cheese, and stay cool with a strawberry infused wine.

strawberry infused wine

fruit and chees tray

So easy and so refreshing on a hot day.

antique battery jar as a wine cooler
Just like the planters, I like to assign a double duty to many of the things I keep on hand. It eliminates excess and makes for a interesting display. One of my favorites is this antique battery jar. It gets used for many things around my house. And for the BBQ, I'll to use it to keep the wine chilled.

The new deck space is a mix of new and old, a mix of different styles, and a mix of good company - all on a beautiful summer day. I'm pretty sure that's the formula for a successful party-especially when it's spent in one of my favorite spaces in our home, our outdoor spaces.

And speaking of our outdoor spaces, are you like us and prefer to utilize your outdoor spaces in the evenings when the heat of the day has passed? If so, have you ever considered planting your annual gardens with this time of day in mind? It's the ultimate time to enjoy your garden as it gives you a second show. Visit me over at Wayfair's Idea Lounge where I talk about summer planting ideas for an evening garden.


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