02 June 2014

Outdoor Living Space

Thanks for all the compliments on the vintage patio set. They're an integral part of what I had in mind for the deck and are the real feature of the space. As far as setting the stage, they truly hit the mark and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. 

It's so nice to see the space come together, especially when it was exactly what I envisioned.

outdoor living space

Beautiful despite the fact that the budget received a blow when we were faced with an unexpected major expense. But I stayed true to the vision and refused to compromise on the statement pieces. Because of this, the space maintains my vision and feels like an intentional extension of our home. And quite honestly, I'm not sure sacrificing the high ticket items was much of a sacrifice in the end.

vintage outdoor furniture

Instead of cutting corners on the large element (the mcm furniture), I cut corners on the small things that I can easily replace over time. I also took advantage of  items I already had on hand rather than purchasing all new. In doing so, I find it surprising how little I miss the items where they were. But by pulling a couple of things from each room, I was able to complete the deck and give it a finished look with no additional expense.

And for the things I was lacking, I hit my local Target and luckily found all I needed! When does that ever happen? But I got some fantastic finds that fit in perfectly with the color scheme. The outdoor pouf is one of them.

outdoor pouf by target

Placed in the center of the sitting area, the warm tone gives balance to all the colors.

outdoor furniture details

Comparatively speaking, it was my splurge at $49.

restored mcm chair using rust-oleum paint

But considering I nabbed this beautiful rug for $20, I think I redeemed myself. And speaking of the rug, I just love the deep coral color and the fact that it just happened to be a near perfect match to my diy vintage bar cart.

restored vintage bar cart

This cart was purchased several years ago and intended as a resell. But once it was painted, I just couldn't bring myself to part with it. Instead it has been stored away. So, so glad I kept it!

mcm salterini outdoor table

Another vintage find I've not been able to part with is this 1950's Salterini table. Marble top and hairpin legs, it was just too rare a find to let go of. There's actually a pair.

marble top outdoor table

mcm table with hairpin legs

 These two pieces definitely help give the space a clean modern vibe.

glass vases via world market

I added these handblown vases to help define the sitting area. Their organic shapes play well with the straight lines of the mid-century. These were a  last year's purchase from World Market.

pottery barn outdoor pillows

I also recycled a set of Pottery Barn outdoor pillows on the built-in bench for extra seating. These pillows were purchased probably 6 or 7 years ago and are still like new. That's amazing considering I don't store them during the colder months. If you're looking to purchase a set for yourself, I'd definitely consider Pottery Barn.

outdoor rug via target

Initially, my plan was to use all four of the swivel chairs as a matched set on the deck. But I wasn't happy with the end result. I typically prefer an eclectic mix, and this pair of vintage chairs fit the bill perfectly. The added height and color were exactly what I was looking for.

Again, this was a set I purchased with the intent to resell. They were restored using Rust-oleum in "Marigold."

vintage outdoor furniture details

reticulated outdoor furniture

But so much time went into restoring these that I could never sell them for what I had in them. You wouldn't believe the labor I put into this pair of chairs - the layers of paint and rust was never-ending, and getting into all those reticulated surfaces was a nightmare.

Actually, it was this pair of chairs which led me to my diy revelation that not all diy's are worth the time and effort. It was this pair that was the impetus to me having the mcm set professionally restored.

Funny that the two pairs came to reside together. One my dream set one my nightmare set. How fitting.

mid century modern wicker seating

This wicker seat was found at a vintage shop for $25. Love it!

And last is this little geometric planter. Not vintage, but totally adorbs. Found at Habitat for Humanity for a whopping $2.

Can you believe I hesitated on the price? But, come on, don't you remember a time when it would have been .50? It's hard to let go of those good old days and those splendid prices. Of course, I'm thrilled I bit the bullet in the end and made the purchase.

geometric vase


And finding these succulents at half price totally made up for having to fork over $2. ;)

You might be wondering what I did with the other two Homecrest chairs since I couldn't use them on the deck.

Here's a little peek.

view of patio

More on those later.

updated outdoor deck

But for now, I'm sitting on my deck enjoying my beautiful new space!

I am so happy with how this area turned out. And I'm so grateful for allowing myself permission to hand over the restoration of the mcm set. Georgia Powder Coating is a very large operation (servicing the Georgia Dome and Home Depot just to mention a couple). That said, I was unsure if my small project would be worth their time. But they were welcoming from the moment I stepped into the showroom and provided me with the same quality service they do the big guys. Just can't say enough good things about them and can't wait to take you through the process in its entirety.

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  1. This is beautiful...such a wonderful space for entertaining or just relaxing. I love small details. And your photography is spectacular. :-) Great ideas!!


  2. It is a beautiful space Sarah. That bar cart is rockin!

  3. Such beauty. I really heart your outdoor space so much. It's the perfect spot to relax, read a book, laze around and even hold a party. Very tastefully decorated :)

  4. The yellow chairs may have been a nightmare, but they are my favorite part of the deck decor.

  5. The deck decor looks lovely, such warm nice colors. I definitely like the rug.

  6. Oh, I love everything about this porch! Beautiful colors and textures. Well done!

  7. I covet your bar cart so much Sarah! Your outdoor space is one of the most beautiful I have seen! I want to go to there!! :-)

  8. this is beautiful, I can imagine relaxing on the porch so easily. I love the yellows and oranges you used. Amazing!

    Emily- Our house now a home

  9. Steph @ Crafting in the RainJune 2, 2014 at 4:58 PM

    So pretty--I want to hang out there!

  10. Wish you were coming to Haven. I'd have you over for a cocktail from the bar ;)

  11. Inherently, I'm a color-phobe. But I've been coming out of my shell lately + I'm loving it!

  12. You can! Just call ahead so that I can make it look as fab as it does in the pic - 'cause that ain't real life! ;)

  13. Stephanie, Sandpaper and GlueJune 4, 2014 at 8:23 AM

    so inviting- love all the color and layers!

  14. the cape on the cornerJune 4, 2014 at 3:03 PM

    what a great spot. i love the vintage set of tables and that outdoor poof. and i hear ya, i totally get spoiled on mega clearance items, that i fail to recognize that 2 bucks is still a good deal, you know? enjoy!

  15. It's hard to pay $2 when I can remember when it used to be .50. Inflation? Supply + demand? Thrift stores utilizing online auction sites? Yep, those good old days are gone, my friend.

  16. This looks so nice, Sarah. We still have to paint our deck again and then I want to find some furniture. Of course we will need either a pergola built or get an umbrella for the hot sun.

  17. Thank you, Kim. I lover pergolas. Luckily we get good afternoon shade on our deck; but I'd love to have a pergola on the far end just to help break up the bowling alley effect.

  18. Aren't they amazing? I love them so ;) Stay tuned, there's more Homecrest to come!


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