20 June 2014

A Rustic Modern Outdoor Space

We're back in the outdoor spaces today so that I could show you where the rest of our restored patio set went.  If you remember from the deck reveal, I wasn't able to fit the entire set onto the deck, so I decided to change plans and extend the mcm goodness out onto our patio.

Don't you love the contrast of the white against the charcoal colored stone? Originally I had planned to purchase a set of Adirondack chairs for this space; but the Homecrest looks so good out here that I just had to go with it. It's a great match.

But let's begin where we left off - the back deck. These  steps take you down from the deck and onto the patio.. Put on your Wayfarers, it's bright out here this time of day.

The patio area is to the left as you enter from the deck..

As you walk down the pathway, you'll meet my little lady. Isn't she sweet? This fountain sits in a little water pool that runs along the path leading to the sitting area. It's a favorite hangout for tree frogs, an occasional hungry snake, and the birds who love to bathe here.

And this is where we like to hang in the evenings, when the sun is hidden by the large oak tree.

And it's here where the rest of the vintage patio set resides.

If you follow me on Instagram, you've been introduced to my new lounge cushions already. They're my most awesome buy for this project and rank #2 behind the great freebie outdoor furniture swap.

These lounges were missing their cushions when we restored them and replacements are no longer being made by the manufacturer. Being an odd size, I was (begrudgingly) prepared to have cushions custom made at a cost of around $200 each. But lucky me had built up some good karma credit somewhere, and a few weekends ago I scored the beauties above in a clearance section of Restoration Hardware. I needed two, they had two. I wanted a brown, they had brown. And what's really uncanny is that they were a perfect fit - scary crazy since these were an odd size.

Originally $315 each, I purchased them for $20 a piece! I'm pretty sure I won the "Best Buy" award on these. Thank you karma, and thank you Restoration Hardware.

Sexy legs.

And my spray painted cushions are holding their own in this heat. So far, so good.

To help fill the space, I added some antique urns that once sat at our front door, then threw in some modern ceramics found at Homegoods.

I'm so pleased with the restoration of this vintage patio set. Professionally powder coating these pieces is a step above my usual diy paint job and will last for many, many years. It was such a good investment and a lesson learned on the value of my own personal time.

I like how the modern furniture is mixed with the rustic of the stone patio. It keeps the look very clean.

I kinda feel like I'm on vacay. If only someone would build me a pool...

Can you believe I laid every single one of those pieces of flagstone myself? Yep. It was a labor of love. And hubby built the wall. It was a team effort.

So there you have it. Our outdoor areas are now a true extension of our indoor spaces, and I just love how it has all come together. And the Homecrest set is the glue that keeps it all together. I searched for months to find the perfect mid-century set and was about to give up on my mission when my sister-in-law came to the rescue. A furniture trade ensued, and the rest was history. We have something we adore, and she has something she adores. Win, win! I pretty much have the best sister-in-law ever!

I know I promised you a tour of the facility where I had the furniture professionally restored, and it's overdue. But we finally got everything together so that could happen, and the tour is on the book for next week. I think you'll find it  interesting to see all the work that goes into restoring these beautiful outdoor pieces.



  1. What a welcoming space. The detail pieces really take the area from backyard to retreat. Well done!


  2. I kinda feel like I've been on vacay just looking at your photos!

  3. Great score on the cushions! Green with envy here.

  4. It's so lovely. You certainly did something right to find those cushions....

  5. It's so beautiful. You have like my dream outdoor space if I ever owned a house. It looks so peaceful and inviting. I love what you've done.

  6. Wow! You have a gorgeous backyard, and that RH chaise! Holy moly! What a steal!

  7. I am so jealous! You have a GORGEOUS backyard!!

  8. This looks idyllic! I agree that you were so smart to have the furniture professionally painted--sometimes DIY is just not good enough! Now, go out there and enjoy it!

  9. OMH, Jacki! I seriously had some good karma built up. Rarely do I score these kinds of qualtiy finds. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming this one (because I do dream of things such as this).

  10. Oh, thank you, Jazmine! I suspect you'll have your dream home before it's over and done!

  11. That's exactly how I felt as I was walking out the door - as if I was stealing them. However, I didn't stop to question it. I just kept walking... ;)


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