09 May 2014

How I Didn't Win the Trophy (Thrifting With Tyler)

I got to do one of my most fave things in the world this past Saturday thrifting the day away with 50+ of my closest strangers in an obscure town filled with junk + treasures.

villa rica, ga antiques shop and hair salon

Can I get an amen to the small town entrepreneurs of the world who are working hard to make it work? Admittedly I was too preoccupied by a hairstylist that sells antiques in the front of her salon to notice her inventory. It looks like I may have missed a good opportunity.

And this gentleman (who is way cuter in person than in this Instagram pic) is Tyler Lynch, a.k.a. "Thrifting With Tyler." He was the one heading up this thrifting escapade in an effort to raise funds for the new Atlanta chapter of Dwell With Dignity. He's charming, funny, and filled with fantastic thrifting skills. I mean, anyone who can take a crazy bunch of designers, bloggers, and general public thrifters on an excursion such as this deserves some accolades, 'cause a mix of designers and thrifters can get pretty crazy.

tyler lynch for dwell with dignity atlanta

Tyler is a thrifter extraordinaire in the Atlanta area. He sells his thrifting finds at the Queen of Hearts' Marietta location (if you're local) as well as in his Etsy shop, Thrifting With Tyler. And his Etsy shop is where you will find the coveted prize of the day which totally should have been mine.

I missed by mere seconds.


Isn't it glorious? A sexy little nymph of a trophy. 

It was supposed to be mine. It was my "find of the day," the one that was going to make this trip entirely worth the cost of admission. 

But that's not how it happened. Instead, this is how it happened:

Our group was thrifting in the little town of Villa Rica, and we were at one of the final stops of the day. Tyler and his pack of design cronies were hovered in a corner booth which I also happened to be scouring. As they were discussing non-important things such as value and rarity, I spotted the golden relic sitting upon a shelf over-head. I knew immediately that it was the prize of the day and was going to make this trip worth my while. But it was obscured by the chatty group.

My mind was whirling as I made my plan to obtain it. Should I make a fool of myself by jumping head first into their circle, thereby nabbing the prize for myself, or should I act the lady my grandmother told me I was? (By the way, I never claimed the title if anyone wants it.) Decisions had to be made quickly. I was in a group with 50+ people I had never met before. Should I wait for an appropriate moment or forgo all dignity?

I chose the latter.

Luckily for everyone involved, the trio began to move on and we didn't have to face that ugly scenario. "They're going to pass it by," I thought to myself in the mere seconds between fleeting thoughts. "I can swoop in as soon as they clear a path and not embarrass myself (or my deceased grandmother)."

The group slowly rounded the corner and I stealthily began to make my way into the booth. "I'm so awesome," I thought to myself as I casually made my way towards the prize - acting completely disinterested as I did so.

But in that exact moment, Tyler turned around, spotted the trophy, looked at the price, and shouted to the rooftops at the wonders of this prize he'd just found. Okay, not really. He simply basked in its glory (and the glorious price) and left the booth with the prize. But that's how I saw it in my head.

Dirty rotten bas----.

tyler lynch #thriftingwithtyler

Look at them gloating. So disgusting.
tyler lynch
I may have cursed under my breath and thought evil thoughts. But I did my grandmother proud by not throwing myself at his feet and begging. Nope. I didn't do that.

I may not have the prize, but I do have my dignity.

I think I'd rather have the prize.

But I did manage to find some great little pottery pieces which I promptly washed and pretended to admire as much as the trophy. I even stuck an artificial succulent in one, trying to make it super pretty.

mcm american pottery

I know. It's not the trophy. But it is awesome.

mcm american pottery vases

And this awesome find will soon be in my Esty shop, Tyler Lynch. So let's see who wins first prize for the fastest sale. Shall we?

Ha! Just kidding. Well, sort of...

All said, it was a fun day with a fun group of people all for a great cause. If you haven't heard of Dwell With Dignity, check them out. They're doing a wonderful thing for deserving families.

Said find of the day can be found in Tyler's Etsy Shop.



  1. Hah! I think I would have disgraced my dead grandmother...After all - she is dead. Now I'm headed over to Tyler's etsy shop....

  2. Ack! I'm short so I think I could have made my way through the crowd to that trophy for you! As pickers, we know that we live to find that trophy another day :-(

  3. Oh, Kathe! I'll have to keep you in mind next time. Your exquisitely short stature might come in handy for me.

  4. Karen, I have replayed this scene over + over in my head wishing I had gone for it. ;)

  5. That pottery piece ROCKS MY SOCKS! I love how it could be modern or art deco or even traditional depending on what you stage it with. And the whole idea of a 'thrifting adventure' sounds just too much fun for words!

  6. Very fun post to read, even with the sad ending! The trophy is exquisite--I wish it could've gone home with you!


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