07 May 2014

Foraged Spring Florals

Spring bloooms are a favorite. Demure + fragrant blossoms popping up to show the early signs of spring.
I'm awed by them as they raise their little heads up from the icy ground each and every year.

As the last bits of spring pass us this week here in the south, I though we'd pay homage to their beauty and appreciate them one last time.

spring blossoms in lab vials
Snow drops and wild hyacinth

mt. laurel blossom
Mt. Laurel

spring bouquet of iris and rhododendron
Rhododendron and iris

colorful spring bouquet
Azalea and iris

spring bouquet #hosta #azalea #iris

We're saying goodbye to spring as these early blossoms fade and summer's heat begins to swell. Oh, spring, you fade so quickly...



  1. Gorgeous flowers Sarah! I wish spring stayed with us longer :-(

  2. Sarah, your flower are beautiful and it is quite sad that they fade so quickly ....

  3. Incredibly beautiful. Nothing better than foraging for the flowers we place in our homes.

  4. Beautiful. I am big of spring flowers. I hate to see them go.

  5. I know, Cathy. Then comes the sweltering summer.

  6. All the hard work of gardening pays off when you bundle them all together and bring them indoors!

  7. Laura J. LathamMay 7, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    The azalea and iris arrangement is fantastic!

  8. I love spring flowers.. or flowers at any time.. Needless to say none of my spring flowers are up yet as we have snow still on the ground.

  9. Azaleas + iris' are such show-offs!

  10. I am just dying looking at your flower arrangements! I love fresh cut flowers, but my cat does too and it's a problem! I have had numerous arrangements end up on the floor in a pile of broken glass. :( As a result I don't put them out much anymore. These make me want to though!


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