28 May 2014

Design Trends in Vintage - Brass and Lucite

I love how new trends are simply old trends redesigned. Everything is cyclical. And two of my favorite trends are spot on right now, brass and Lucite. So classically modern.

But I always prefer the original version - when I can find it.

Adding vintage pieces to a room gives a bit of unique character and keeps the room from being flat and lifeless. No matter how beautiful a room is, without a little bit of vintage in the mix, it's just another beautiful room off the showroom floor.

mcm brass trays

Brass-top tables were a big trend in the 60s + 70s. The tray usually sat upon a wood or metal base and was notorious for toppling over. I still love them used atop an ottoman (which is a much safer bet); but why not consider using them vertically? They make a fantastically bold statement on the wall.

brass wall tray
Contemporary Living Room by Chicago Photographers Cynthia Lynn Photography

And Lucite. Hard to photograph and hard to find, but beautiful in a classic modern room. Who doesn't need a little of this in their home?

lucite cocktail table

leg detail of lucite table

Classic, and perfect when you want to eliminate visual clutter in a space.

lucite table by bernhardt


And because I never take design too seriously, I end with a kitschy kitty I picked up on my recent shopping trip. She has nothing to do with with current trends, but who can resist?

I'm refuse to apologize for my whimsical love of these vintage felines.

wales japan cat figurine



  1. I love the vintage items...makes the house look so warm and cozy.

  2. I love vintage pieces. I really want to do some antique shopping this summer. I always wait for my husband to be home but then I get side tracked {toddler into an antique store - not good} You found some good pieces!

  3. Some of these remind me of the Art Noveaue and Art Deco times. I especially love how the brass plate goes well with the whole frame wall. Like you said classically modern!

  4. loving these two things myself - currently in search of a lucite tray for my ottoman :)

  5. Everything old is new again! I agree that a room needs at least a few (or more!) vintage touches!

  6. I actually have one of those brass top tables. It is sitting in my attic. I like the idea of mounting the top on the wall.

  7. I don't know why but I just not that into brass but OMG! I'm drooling over the Lucite coffee table! Now THAT I love.
    and of course that kitty is cute.

  8. Ha! I used to own an antiques shop + kept a little section for the little ones to occupy themselves while the parents shopped. It's a tough place to be when you're little - so many shiny things you can't touch!

  9. it's so hard to find, at least around my area. I snap it up anytime I find a piece.

  10. Meredith, pull that thing outta there!


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