21 May 2014

Decking Out the The Deck With Vintage Homecrest

Renovating the exterior of our house was a relatively simple process for me. I intuitively knew what I wanted and the choices came easy. But when it came time to update the furniture and redesign the outdoor living spaces, well, I've been struggling. And my struggle was made even more so when my budget was totally depleted by an unexpected need to replace our very large hvac unit last week. #budgetbuster

But I had already sent our old furniture to auction, so there was no stopping this furniture buying train 'cause that train was already rollin'. In desperation, I briefly considered the big box route:
pink flamingos
Pink flamingos were totally an option - along with brightly colored plastic furniture. But once the thought of chasing down windblown furniture from the neighbor's yard became a very real possibility, I came to my senses. I needed a new plan.

Originally my vision was to go modern with the furniture; but that doesn't come cheap. So I decided to search for vintage mcm in the hopes of finding someone willing to sell at discounted prices.

And my thrifting brought me to a rare find in this pair of Panamerican deck chairs which I grabbed without question. I realized that they probably weren't going to be the perfect fit; but, they were modern at a great price. And the fact that they can fold away made them an obvious purchase. If they don't work as permanent seating, they'll be great for extra seating when we have large crowds. 

As I feared, they were too small in scale. But don't you love the them? These chairs were originally designed as deck chairs for the cruise lines. Now, they're just cool (+ very comfy).

teak panamerican deck chairs

My dream patio furniture was something more along the lines of wire Eames chairs but with a bit more personality + comfort. Unfortunately, nothing was turning up in my searches other than a $3500 version that wasn't exactly what I wanted. So this is what we've been living with while I continued my quest. 

deck undergoing a furniture remodel


Then one glorious day the solution hit me that was both budget friendly and perfectly awesome.

homecrest ad from 1968

I remembered that my sister-in-law had this exact patio set. And it was exactly what I had been searching for! Originally from the 1960's, they purchased their set used at a church bazaar. Now that they no longer have a pool, and considering the fact that they are much more traditional in their style of furniture, perhaps a trade could be done.

vintage homecrest patio furniture

And it was. I have the best sister-in-law evah! Seriously!

A set of four Homecrest patio chairs from the late 60's and two lounge chairs. Aren't these chairs awesome in every way? And their mine (squeee)!!!

Simple, functional, loads of character, and the perfect size. It's my perfect match. If I could marry a set of outdoor patio furniture, I'm pretty sure it would be these. 

Not surprisingly, they're showing their age and are in need of new paint. But instead of doing my usual diy, I decided to forgo the diy route and send them off to be professionally sandblasted and powder coated. Had I diy'd, this set would have taken tons of labor and a whole lot of spray paint to do the job. Besides, they're a very well constructed and very collectible set of mcm - they deserve an honest restoration.

Prepared to fork over quite a few bucks for the deal, I was surprised at how just cost effective the process actually is. In comparison, the similar set I was looking at was going to run me around $3500 (new reproduction). The cost of sandblasting and powder coating a vintage set will be a mere fraction of that price - $350 for four chairs. Crazy! By the time I spend a laborious week of sanding, priming, and spray painting, it has already paid for itself. 

If you're contemplating the intensive labor + expense of diy'ing your next set of outdoor furniture only to have to re-do it in 3-5 years, you might want to consider having them professionally done instead. For the longevity, it's definitely worth it in my book.

Next week I'll show them to you in their restored condition and will take you through the journey so you can see first-hand how it's done. Stay tuned for that fun project! 



  1. Those cruise ship chairs are adorable and will totally give your Homecrest set a fun look when you set them out together!

  2. Glued To My CraftsMay 21, 2014 at 9:32 AM

    I had a pink flamingo in our front yard once but the wyoming wind blew it away. Long live pink flamingo! I need to spruce up our patio before the weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. cariwritesforyouMay 21, 2014 at 10:10 AM

    They look great! They have a nice retro feel and a modern look. Great find!

  4. Your patio looks so peaceful and beautiful!

  5. I really love it. Gorgeous patio and it's got a really eclectic feel to it :)

  6. Zakkiya, I've totally an eclectic look going, although not so sure this one's intentional. The seating side is modern, the other side is my container kitchen garden. (Except I like to get fancy + call it a potager - it sounds like I know what I'm doing!) ;)

  7. Motoristin MutsiMay 21, 2014 at 1:14 PM

    They look just lovely! And that stone wall is gorgeous, too!

  8. Hey, thanks! I stacked every single one of those bricks myself. #Backbreaker

  9. It's beautiful. I love the stone wall and the flowers.

  10. Our Family Inspired HomeMay 21, 2014 at 10:21 PM

    It's going to look great, love the chairs!


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