19 May 2014

An Exterior Renovation, + Why Does Fate Always Work in Threes?

We've been updating our home's exterior over the past five months; and as you might expect, it's been a bit crazy around here.

It all began this January with the replacement of our existing siding - 25 year old LP siding. If you're as "seasoned" as I am, you might remember the debacle about LP siding. If so, you'll be amazed to hear that ours lasted to it's intended warranty. We were one of the lucky ones (and quite possibly the only lucky ones). 

Nevertheless, the time had come, so down went the old and up went the new. 

replacing exterior siding

When you replace 25 year old siding, you have to replace 25 year old light fixtures.

rusty exterior lighting

At one delusional point I seriously considered restoring these. But the reality of that not happening set in very quickly. Especially when I laid my eyes upon these.

exterior lighting


But our reno didn't stop with our initial plan to put up new siding, because you know they never do.

old roof with hail damage

During the process we learned our roof had been damaged due to a previous hail storm. Who knew? Thankfully, we were gifted a new roof.  Thanks Allstate. After over 40 years of customer dedication, we deserve a new roof.

replacing a roof

And it looks awesome.

new exterior siding and roof

Did you notice the crazy high pitch of our roof? That crazy high pitched roof is a very visible part of the home. It was a major improvement to have it replaced.

man working on roof

So glad it wasn't me up there.

But because all major issues seem to come in threes, fate finished ours off by having our a/c unit die last week. New siding, new roof, new hvac. That's three. Fate, I'm pretty sure we're good now.

Sadly for me, that last jab seriously cut into my budget for updating the outdoor spaces with new furniture. As a matter of fact, it depleted my budget. But I'm not giving up so easily and have some plans I will use to forge ahead.

We've been living in sporadic chaos for the past three months trying to catch up on the little details that come with a major renovation - the unplanned projects brought on by a reno, the patio furniture that suddenly doesn't look so hot up against the new exterior and gets auctioned off in plans for new, the landscaping that was trampled on by careless workers and had to be replenished, and let's not forget the multitude of issues we were able to ignore before the reno that immediately became in obvious need of attention. So it goes... And that's where we've been for the last few months.

But I'm beginning to feel the completeness. Especially when I look back at these before images to see just how far we've come.

rotten wood siding

peeling stain on an old deck surface

Oh, my! Hopefully I'll soon have the tedious projects crossed off the list and will get show you how I've updated the outdoor spaces.



  1. Steph @ Crafting in the RainMay 19, 2014 at 11:14 AM

    Beautiful! And I love your new lights too :)

  2. Oh I'm in love the lights Sarah. And such beautiful house you have. Gorgeous all the way.

  3. Gorgeous house. I lovely light and exterior.

  4. You should be past the worst Sarah - as they usually do travel in threes. Love all the updates... beautiful home...

  5. You've made some beautiful changes! Thank you so much for sharing them. ;)


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