18 April 2014

How to Make Eggshell Seedling Pots

Easter is officially upon us, and the blog has been all about the glorious egg for over a month now. With all that egg goodness I was left with a hoard of useful eggshells. Many went into the compost, but I reserved a few for one last project that carries us from spring into the summer season - eggshell seedling pots.

eggshell seedling pots

These are a simple gardening concept and one your hungry little seedlings will greatly appreciate.

how to create an eggshell seedling pot

To start, you may want to pierce the bottom of each shell for drainage. This step isn't a necessary since frequent misting is all that's required for young seedlings; but I wanted my seedlings to stay in their pots for a bit longer than usual, so I needed to be able to give them a good watering without drowning them.

starting seedlings in an eggshell

Fill each eggshell with potting soil, add a few seeds (I was using transplants that needed to be thinnned, but you get the idea), then place a light layer of soil on top. Once sprouted, selectively remove the extra seedlings so that only the strongest one remains.

starting seeds in eggshells

Now place your seedling pots back in the egg carton and give them a good misting. Set the carton in a sunny location and keep the pots misted regularly (never letting them dry out). Depending on germination times your seeds will soon sprout.

eggshell seed pot

Once each seedling has developed its set of true leaves, it's time to plant them in the ground. But don't discard the nutrient rich eggshell they've been growing in. Instead, gently crush the shell around the seedling and plant the entire thing. The seedlings will appreciate the added calcium as it breaks down into the soil around it.

making eggshell seed pots

I used radishes here which I plan to share with the g'babies. Quick to mature and fun to watch grow, it's the perfect little plant for short attention spans. When they're ready to eat, each little one will have a radish of their very own to enjoy.

Oh, and speaking of eggs, all the egg-alishiousness I've pummelled you with this month has actually paid off for me. My Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs made it to Martha's Top Ten Egg Decorations! Yes, the Martha + probably her team ('cause I'm pretty sure Martha didn't choose them herself) have chosen my eggs to be a contender for top prize. What that is, I don't know. But the accolades are enough for me at this stage. So go vote for #9 (that's me!) and I'll love you for it if I win. Well, I love you anyways, but a little motherly mind-game-manipulation might get the job done a bit faster... Go vote! Multiple times is even better ;)



  1. I didn't know you could plant seedling in eggshells like that, Sarah! That is a great idea!

  2. I love your photos--they make me want to go, right now, and plant seeds in eggs. But, instead, I went and voted for your Martha eggs!

  3. Oh, Kerry! Thank you so much for the vote! Happy, happy Easter to you :)

  4. Isn't it a fun idea? I have two little g'babies that are going to love getting one in their Easter basket! A perfect learning tool for them.


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