23 April 2014

Five Favorite Items for Gardening

This time of year you'll find me outdoors attempting to maintain order in the chaos that is my yard. It's a futile endeavor, but one I refuse to be defeated by. And after all the years battling Mother Nature, I've discovered five items that make my job ultimately easier, more efficient, and much more comfortable. These five items get me through 95% of my chores, and I thought I would share them with you before the season gets ahead of us all. 

five favorite items for gardening


mario batali bistro crocs
Love them or hate them, a pair of Crocs is definitely an essential for any gardener. I particularly like the Mario Batali Bistro Crocs for their industrial wear and non-skid tread. And with all the stooping required in gardening, I choose a heel strap over an open clog any day.

Tool Bucket Organizer

wayfair tool bucket organizer
There's nothing more frustrating than needing a particular item when your on the South Forty of the property and having to trek your way back to the shed to find it. A better solution is a tool organizer to store all the necessaries within easy reach. And this one I particularly like because it straps to a 5 gallon bucket which can be used to trash weeds or trug cut flowers to the house.

Felco #2

felco #2 hand pruner
Have you ever used a pair of Felcos? My first experience was life changing. They aren't cheap at $50+, but they will last a lifetime and are worth their weight in gold just for the ergonomics. Mine are #2 (good size for smaller hands).

Japanese Hand Hoe

williams-sonoma japanese hand hoe
A Japanese hand hoe has become my absolute go-to while working in the flower beds. I was given mine by a dear gardening friend years ago but never actually put it to use until last year. I wish I had discovered its powers sooner. It's actually three tools in one - a hoe for seeding, a cultivator to loosen the soil, and a weeding tool able to snag the deepest of tap roots. I'll never again be without one.
Kneeling Pad
home depot garden kneeling pad

And last is a kneeling pad. Don't weed without one.

Admittedly, I recycle an old bath mat and love it as much as any cushioned pad. The rubber back is great at keeping moisture at bay, and the plush carpeted surface is nice on the knees. But what I like most is that it's larger than a kneeling pad, allowing one to sit as well a kneel.

Those are my five essentials, and I can't imaging working in the yard without them. What would you add to the list?



  1. karen@somewhatquirkydesignApril 23, 2014 at 9:12 AM

    Great post. I'm going to have to get one of those Japanese hand hoes. Isn't it amazing how we can acquire something and not use it for years?

  2. Thanks for the tips! We just moved into a house and have a yard for our first time ever. I'm going to Home Depot this weekend specifically to pick up gardening supplies so I'll have to keep these suggestions in mind : ]

  3. Oh I have been wanting a Japanese hand hoe but had forgotten! Off to go get me one! Great list Sarah!

  4. This morning I was cleaning out a drawer and found a package of flower seeds. They may be too old, but I took them to an empty bed area to plant anyway. The closest thing I saw to use for planting was a discarded hoe handle. Too busy to take time to get a real tool from the garage, I used it to break up a small area. The Japanese hand hoe would have been better, but it worked.

  5. Yes, Karen! I regret not using it much sooner!

  6. Congrats on your new home, and may your gardens always be green! (learn to love gardening + you'll have acquired a lifetime passion.)

  7. We gardeners are nothing if not resourceful! Way to go with the upcycled hoe ;)

  8. Great article, Sarah! (Haters can hate but I love my Crocs!!)

  9. Crocs have saved me from achy feet and my kneeling pad is a must! Great tips!

  10. Jocelyn (@ReadingRes)April 24, 2014 at 2:21 AM

    Great tips, thank you. I'm just getting into gardening for the first time, and want to be out there pottering regularly, so these things will help!

  11. You're welcome, Jocelyn! Always happy to encourage a budding gardener :)

  12. The pruners and the hand hoe are gorgeous--I like a tool that is practical AND looks great. But I have to say "uh-uh" to the Crocs.


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