04 April 2014

A Vintage Easter Vignette filled with Miniatures

With a long line of creative women in the family tree, many bits + pieces have been lovingly hoarded and ultimately passed down through the family. When it became time to settle my mother's estate, my siblings and I were passed the responsibility of divvying up the highly coveted craft loot as we continue on with the crafting hoard for the next generation.

This little vignette contains much of the craft hoard's Easter bits. It's full of sweet little odds, mostly of tiny little miniatures and is geared more towards little ones awe struck imaginations.
For some reason, the family Easter collection had more miniatures than the rest of the holidays. I imagine they were small tokens to be added to the interior of the decorated eggs they enjoyed making. So tiny, some not more than 1/4 of an inch tall.

A cute little lot, but one that cannot be appreciated from afar.

porcelain egg with miniature ducklings

Three tiny porcelain ducklings sit amongst a china egg. These are no bigger than the tip of my pinkie.

miniature rabbit band sitting under tulips

A trio of musical bunnies play their instruments under tiny tulips. Each one handpainted, these are marked Italy. (Sorry for the blurred pic.)

vintage collection of easter miniatures

My favorite of the collection is this pipe cleaner rabbit. The small felted chick + basket contains miniature Easter eggs that open to reveal an even more miniature prize. I dare not open them.

egg diorama

More of the decorated eggs. It must have been a family favorite because there's a decorated egg for every season.

vintage cardboard bunny

vintage miniature pipe cleaner chicks

family of vintage felted chickens

A tiny porcelain worm is soon to be devoured by a felt chick.

And more vintage ephemera. This is part of a collection of post cards brought home from France during a stay in WWII. I love their little French sayings.

antique easter post card in french

dusty miller in vintage mccoy planter

A vintage McCoy planter filled with dusty miller - and more miniatures.

children's vintage easter vignette

Such a little hodgepodge.

Does your family do a golden egg each year? We always filled one golden egg with $10 and watched the kids feverishly hunt it down. Ten bucks was enough to spark interest up until about age 14. After that, we couldn't afford the entertainment any longer.



  1. This is an amazing collection! And some of the items are so precious. Easter decorating was not something my family did at all--I wonder if it's a regional thing?

  2. I honestly think it was another reason for them to blow eggs and decorate their interiors! we have decorated eggs for every season ;)


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