04 April 2014

A Potager for the Deck

Do you remember the image of our back deck, the bowling alley? It's always difficult to situate this space because of its length x width. No matter what I do, half of it always seems to go unused.

outdoor deck

(This image was immediately after the crew finished painting it, hence the bareness of it. Notice muddy paw prints everywhere?)

The solution to utilizing its wasted space finally came to me as my desire for a convenient and manageable kitchen garden collided with my plans to replace the outdoor furniture on our deck. Why not take the unused half of the deck and turn it into a potager? It will be tidy, convenient, easily accessible, and will take advantage of a space that is never used. Sounds perfect, does it not?

I must preface this brilliant idea with a little reality. Past history proves I am not a seasoned vegetable gardener. My dedication wanes exponentially as the summer heat rises. Add to that a vegetable jungle filled with fungi, mold, bugs, and prickly stems and I will immediately rid my hands of the entire thing.

Besides, I really love to shop at the farmer's market...

vegetables from the farmer's market

But as I try to be more cognizant of what my family eats and where it comes from, I've developed a much larger appreciation for homegrown and all the work that goes into it. So I'm starting small with the space on my deck. It's perfect in theory - convenient to the kitchen, gets ample sunlight, and sits just above the compost pile.

So here goes...

seed packets

spinach seeds

herbs in pots

starting a kitchen garden

It's not beautiful - yet. But it's a start. I have visions that it will be beautiful once the new seedlings begin reaching for the sun.

garden dirt under my nails

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  In my opinion, gardening falls into the category of most unglamorous job ever...


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  1. This s very brave of you! I hope it works out--it could be really rewarding, I think (says the woman who has never grown a vegetable in her life!)


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