21 March 2014

Vintage Lab Beakers Used as a Bud Vase

Hello, spring.

snowdrop white spring blossom

blue hyacinth blooms

So very glad you're here.

spring blossoms in lab beaker bud vase

A vintage lab beaker set is used to hold delicate spring blossoms.

vinatge lab beakers as bud vases

vintage lab beaker bud vase

I wish this was scent-o-vision so you could smell the heady perfume of the hyacinth.

So glad spring has officially arrived. Happy weekend!



  1. kelly@ cowboys daughter designMarch 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM

    Love it Sarah! I have a sweet little collection of beakers, glass funnels and apothecary jars, I too enjoy using them for flowers... I haven't seen anything like this though, very cool and great photos!

  2. Your photos are great, as always! I really like old lab glass, too--I need to dig out what I have and ready it for spring (if it ever comes here!)

  3. simply lovely.


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