13 March 2014

Purple Shamrock in a Moss-Lined Container

Looking for a sweet St. Patty's Day gift?

Oxalis triangularis, or purple shamrock is a nice alternative to green clover and is a thoughtfully unique gift. It's also one of my favorite perennials. (I have it growing all around the house.) Non-invasive, this variety is a demure little plant in a beautiful shade of purple-maroon with the most delicate of lavender flowers.

purple oxalis
Too early yet to place in the ground, why not wrap this gift in something that will help sustain it until the days are warm enough for planting.

moss lined purple shamrock via homeologymodernvintage.com

oxalis triangularis

Nothing is as attractive or as effective at retaining moisture as moss.

You can purchase woven moss at your local craft store. It has a webbing on the back that holds it together and is the perfect medium for a project like this. You'll also want a pair of scissors, some thin gauge metal wire, a pair of wire clippers, and any embellishments you may want to add.

supplies for lining plant with moss


Start by first watering your plant and allowing it to drain well. Next, gently lay your plant onto the moss webbing and roll it around the container into the shape of a cone.



Trim away the excess from the side, top, and bottom.

lining a plant with moss

Take your wire and thread it all along the seam to create a snug fit around the pot. Your wire will be stiff enough to easily pierce through the webbing.

a st. patrick's day gift of purple clover in a moss lined container

I decided to embellish mine with a chalkboard clip. An option that's reusable is always a good choice. And this one will be used often, I'm sure.

purple shamrock in a moss lined container

A sweet little gift for the holiday.

luck maith
May your St. Patrick's Day be fill with much good luck!



  1. i am not at all familiar with this plant but, it does make the nicest gift... love it....

  2. Thats so neat! I love moss

  3. I am loving shamrocks right now and I adore your pretty moss pot! I put mine in milk glass which I like but I adore the moss on yours with the purple! Pretty!

  4. oh, i bet it's beautiful against the milky white of the glass!

  5. thanks, jodi! i, too, adore a good moss covered "anything" :)


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