31 March 2014

Easter Vignette in the Hutch

I've really gotten into the Easter holiday this year. Having little ones around the house again gives me reason to make the effort. But this Easter vignette is geared more to my liking than those of the three little ones who come to visit me. 

With a mix of antiques, vintage ephemera, faded hues, and natural elements here's an Easter vignette that appeals less to naivety of the Easter bunny and more to the celebration of new beginnings.

vintage easter vignette

In the background is an old gravy boat filled with baby cabbage plants. Incorporating young summer seedlings gives me a chance to enjoy their beauty before planting them in the garden.

embellished natural eggs

In my family, holidays were always filled with handmade pieces - and I tend to perpetuate the tradition. You may have seen these eggs from last year when I used them in the foyer, along with some spring blossoms in vintage china. They're little works of art meticulously embellished - a project my mother began but never finished. Beautiful in their raw + unfinished state, I left them just as I found them.

purple oxalis

And I'm still enjoying my St. Patty's Day oxalis. When the weather warms up, this, too, will go in the ground. But for now it rests inside a Victorian egg coddler.

limoges espresso set

I always like to add a bit of moss to the mix. It reminds me of the lush green growth on rainy spring days.

embellished eggs using polymer clay

decorated easter eggs

For subtle color against the wood of the hutch, I added a collection of antique Easter post cards.

antique post cards

antique easter ephemera

easter vignette in hutch

vintage easter vignette

This Easter vignette appeals to my adult aesthetic, but it wouldn't be fair to leave the little ones out completely. For them, I've added a colorful vignette to the other side of the room made specifically for little ones to enjoy. It's filled with lots of bits + pieces from my family's craft hoard of miniatures.



  1. Definitely a grown-up display and definitely gorgeous! Such amazing attention to detail and I love that you have the eggs from your mother!

  2. kelly@ cowboys daughter designMarch 31, 2014 at 10:47 AM

    Lovely! I too love the eggs your mother made, those things are treasures indeed. I have a collection of sugared eggs from my childhood, they bring back such fond memories. Lovely post Sarah~

  3. very nice display.Really attracted to it


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