07 March 2014

Bold Colored Planters for the Front Entrance

So I'm back in bed with round 2 of the stomach virus. Tuesday's bout was just a little teaser of what was to come on Thursday. Evil, evil virus. On the bright side I was left with nothing more to do than continue on pondering my plans for the newly refreshed outdoor spaces. Today I focused on the front door. Have you seen my blue door? I've only featured it a hundred times since it was painted... Okay, Im exaggerating, but I know you can't help but have seen it by now.

It goes against my neural tendencies to so boldly draw attention to the front entrance. Painting our front door blue was a big step for me. Not so shocking to most. But for me, it was really going outside the box. The color is SW Loyal Blue in case you're curious and want to boldly paint your front door, too.

front door painted in sherwin williams loyal blue

I do love it so. But in the dead of winter with no other colors to balance it out, it isn't quite the impact I was looking for. I need to add a bit more color for those seasons when there's nothing blooming. Some permanent pops of color.

These are catching my eye.

red glazed planter from home depot

Garden Design yellow glazed container
pottery barn grey plant urns

blue glazed planters on houzz
1/Home Depot 2/ Garden Design 3/Pottery Barn 4/Houzz

I'm voting no on the grey planters as they'll just blend into the brick. But I do like the height. I'm definitely leaning towards a tall shape. Adding some vertical pieces to each side would give just the right amount of color and not take up a lot of space.

Spring fever is making me crazy. I can't wait for April 15th. (For those of us in the know, the 15th is when I have permission (from the Farmer's Almanac) to begin planting.) I usually get impatient and plant well before then - 'cause I'm a rebel that way. But with or without plants. I think these planters are just the touch of color my front entrance is in need of.


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