12 March 2014

Adding Color to the Front Entrance

The weather has been blissful so far this week. It's been difficult not to hit every garden center along my varied travels. And admittedly, I caved on Monday. However, I was there merely for containers you see, not for the plants. The plants were just an aside...

Speaking of doorsteps (because we were going to), dare I give you another peek at mine? This time I think you'll be impressed because I finally stopped dreaming of the perfect bold colored planters and actually purchased two. They were the exact style I was after. Do you know how hard it is to find exactly what you're looking for? Usually you shop for days knowing exactly what you want and ending up settling for something less than perfect because your local stores aren't awesome. But I found mine right off the bat.

It was a sign.

modern outdoor design style

I really like the height these two pieces add. And although the color isn't as bold as I thought I wanted, these are just the right amount of "statement" for the space. The more colorful ones were just too much, and I came to realize that just a little additional color was going to go a long way here because the door is so bold.

As the color choice changed in the middle of my purchase, so must my plan change. The terracotta planters would have worked with a colorful tall container. But not so much with the bronze of the ones I chose. So I decided to paint one set and see where it led me.

adding colorful planters to the front entry

It led me to yes! The little pop of yellow is a nice complement to my beloved blue door without making  your eyes pop out due to an overwhelming amount of color.

eclectic design exterior options

I can't wait to plant them all with my spring blossoms.

tera cotta garden planter

yellow painted garden container

But I must be patient lest Mr. Snow Miser taketh them away.

So, what do you think? Too modern for your aesthetic? I love how they way they mix with the traditional style of the house and adds a playful vibe to what could be stoic and stiff.



  1. I think we are all going crazy waiting for Spring. It's supposed to drop down to the teens again here tonight. I'm thinking it will never be Spring, nope it will probably just one day be Summer. But you will be ready! with your beautiful pots! :D

  2. oh, cynthia, these wild swings in temps are making me nuts. mother nature can be such a tease...


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