10 February 2014

Vintage Goodness - Weekend Finds

In my vintage shopping lull, which I think I've overcome, my Etsy shop was looking sadly neglected. Bare shelves.

So on Monday I forced myself to devote the day to restocking. It's a time consuming process that I don't particularly enjoy and liken it to work drudgery. It takes me a few days to work myself up to the task, and when I do, I do it in big blocks just to get it done.

If I didn't love the hunt so much, I wouldn't be in this pickle. But there is so much good stuff out there just waiting to be recaptured. I simply can't help myself...

owl paperweight

Kosta Boda owl paperweight. I do so love Scandinavian glass...

imperial shoji pattern

And most anything Regency. Regency blends modern and glam, along with the fine art of entertaining, into one beautiful package. It's a gift I would never decline.

These beauties I debated keeping for myself. If I had a place to display them, I would have. But I do not; and they deserve an awesome place to be displayed, for keeping these hidden in a cabinet would be a sin. This beautiful set of  Regency glassware is very collectible and very hard to come by. Made by the Imperial Glass Co., these are the Shoji pattern. To die for, people. To.die.

hollywood regency quails

Hollywood glam gilded quail. Always a hit.

vintage 70s shelf liner

Okay, who could pass up a roll of vintage 70s avocado green shelf liner in an groovy abstract floral? Not me. This is going to make someone's retro kitchen totally complete. There are actually three rolls available.

time life illuminated globe

And then I picked this globe up at an mcm estate sale. Love the acrylic stand in its atomic design. It illuminates and has all sorts of pertinent political info from 1965. Not so relevant today, it's a great piece of historical data. Truth be told, I'm unable to appreciate the historical part as much as I just love the way it looks.

ikora silver candleholder

My last listing of the day was a beautiful piece of modernist design by Kurt Radtke for WMF in 1961. It's a candleholder in the Ikora design. A very nice find, indeed.

You can see why it's difficult for me not to keep my finds for myself. So much goodness. But I was taught to share the love, so I do, reluctantly...



  1. Some great items--I love the candle holder, especially! My Etsy shop is in huge need of restocking, too, and I am waiting and waiting for a bright day to take some photos. We are getting very few bright days here . . .

  2. Wow! What Fabulous finds! Love them all!
    And Love the Blonde hair too. Very cute!

  3. oh, thanks! the brunette was a phase ;)


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