26 February 2014

Sauteed Chicken in Balsamic Vinegar - A.K.A. Yumminess on a Plate

Last Sunday I sauteed chicken breasts in a balsamicvinegar reduction and it was sooo dang good that I thought I'd share it with you all, 'cause you know, you're my peeps.

recipe for sauteed chicken in balsamic vinegar reduction

Do you remember the main requirement for my recipes? Besides sending my tastebuds to the moon, they seriously have to be easy or else I won't bother to repeat them. This one does not fail on that count. Seriously.

ingredients for sauteed chicken in balsamic vinegar reduction

Here's the deets:

4 Skinless boneless breasts, butterflied (simply slice halfway to resemble butterfly wings)
3 T Olive oil
2 T All purpose flour
3/4 lb. mushrooms, sliced
2 (or six, if your me) Cloves garlic, minced
2 T Finely minced shallot or green onion
1/2 C. Balsamic Vinegar (look for one from Modena for best flavor)
1 1/2 C. Chicken broth
Salt + pepper to taste
2 Bay leaves
1/4 tsp. Dried thyme
2 T Butter
2 tsp. Dijon mustard

Heat oil in frying pan over medium high. Add salt + pepper to flour, mix. Dredge Chicken breasts in flour. Saute' breasts approx. 3 min. per side. Remove + set aside. Add garlic, mushrooms, + onions. Saute 'til soft. Add vinegar, broth, mustard, bay leaf, + thyme. Simmer uncovered approx 3 min. Return chicken to pan, cover, + simmer an additional 7 minutes or until sauce is reduced approximately 1/3. Swirl in butter and discard bay leaves. Serve chicken and sauce over pasta.

The aroma alone will have your mouth watering the entire time it's cooking. And the sweet, yet tart flavor of the balsamic vinegar will take your tastebuds to a happy place. (This is a good opportunity to have a really good French country bread on hand to soak up some of that rich goodness.)

recipe for sauteed chicken in balsamic vinegar reduction

Also, note that Modena balsamic vinegars have the best flavor - so rich you'll want to drink it from the bottle. Lesser balsamics will be too strong in the vinegar. Don't skimp on a good one.

Let me know what you think after you make this. I've put it on the top ten faves list in my recipe box.


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  1. This sounds fabulous, Susan! We need new ways to do chicken, since we eat it all the time!


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