21 February 2014

Reusable Chalkboard Photo Album

It's easy to forget how holding an album full of photographs in our hands makes the memories more dear to our hearts. As we turn the pages + reminisce, it somehow brings those memories home in a way that can't be duplicated by scrolling through pictures on our laptops.

So I'm bringing old-school back by making a Chalkboard photo album.

Does that idea make you cringe as you think back to the days of scrapbooking - when it took months to build a page and nearly broke the bank? Well, the great thing about this photo album is that it's super quick, is inexpensive, and can be reused + refreshed on a whim. So no excuses!

chalkboard photo album using resuable chalkboard banner paper

By using a package of chalkboard banners purchased at my local craft store, I created an album that was the perfect size for carrying in my purse, was already pre-holed for binding, and came in a cute shape that could be embellished any way I saw fit. The set also comes with enough baker's twine to bind your album. It was a perfect match for my project.

Making one for yourself (or as a gift) couldn't be easier! Here's what I used to create mine (my supplies came from Michaels):
  • Recollections paper banner (it comes with a length of black + white baker's twine)
  • Craft Smart chalk markers in your choice of colors
  • Scissors
  • Double sided photo adhesives
  • Collection of wallet size photos
reusable photo album made with recollections brand chalkboard paper

I love the shape of the banners and the fact that it was the perfect size for a small photo album.

And these chalk markers are great because they're permanent until removed with a damp cloth. So if you make errors, they can be easily corrected. And when you decide to update your album, you can easily erase and recreate an entirely new design.

chalkboard photo album made with chalk markers

To make the album, separate your banner paper and cut your photos to size. Next lay out your photos on the pages and attach.

chalkboard album supplies
photo album layout

Last, design the front cover for your album, collect your pages, then bind them together with the twine.

designing a chalkboard photo album
binding a photo album with baker's twine

But before you tie the loops to bind your album, be sure to open the pages. Doing so will ensure you don't bind so tightly that the pages won't open properly.

handmade reusable chalkboard photo album

And that's all there is to it! Didn't I promise it would be easy? And when you're ready to switch it up, simply remove your existing photos and wipe down your chalkboard paper to create something entirely new.


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