24 February 2014

Pet Ranting and a Facelift

So, today I've spent much of my day lounging in bed. Besides doing a few loads of laundry and my daily routine of vacuuming copious amounts of dog hair which has deposited itself onto all of my furniture/clothing/carpets/husband, I might get up and make something awesome for dinner.


Speaking of Buckley (yes, we were), no one told me that this stray dog who showed up at our doorstep and who is so very lovable and precious in every way would would have a flaw. And in my book, it's major flaw. I'm talking a game changer in the whole idea of whether or not he should remain a member of the household.

He sheds. And I don't mean he sheds. I mean I could knit myself a sweater in a week's time with the amount of hair he sheds in one day. And there's one thing I hate most in this world, it's pet hair that has left its original follicle to reside in places it does not belong - namely the aforementioned.

I'm hoping this flaw is temporary, one that is caused by who-knows-what-kind-of-diet this dog was on prior to receiving the privilege of becoming a member of our household. I'm tolerating this flaw for another year in the hopes that his daily diet of freshly prepared kibbles will rectify what I consider to be a heinous crime. We'll see...

Besides that, I've had plans for weeks to post about the facelift we gave our tired + worn home. Aside from the fact that the house got the facelift instead of me (the cost pretty much equals out), I'm happy that one of us looks completely amazing. And if it can't be me, it might as well be my house.

And just as there is the ugly before the surgery and the recovery before the beauty, so it was with our reno.

The Ugly:

replacing rotten siding
crusty light fixture

Can you believe I thought I could salvage those lights? Cra cra.

The cupola was a bat cave, literally.

The surgery:

replacing exterior siding
exterior renovation

The recovery:

old garden furniture
old junk
Recovery consists of us being in the midst of cleansing excess stuff. We're eliminating the outdoor furniture and accessories as we move away from the style of the 1950's bridge-playing set to something more modern and functional. I'm thinking teak.

That said, 98% is heading to auction &/or the thrift store. Any takers?

So as I await the warm days of spring, I'm planning new garden beds and just admiring the fresh facade of our home. I'm imagining beautiful containers of annuals spilling over in bursts of color against the new colors. I'm even contemplating a new vege garden; but that's another story.

 Did I tell you that I love my blue door? I don't know when or why this girl who loved everything green suddenly switched. But as of late, blue is my best friend. And I'm not afraid to show it off. #lovemybluedoor

blue painted door

It's a barren scene right now, I know. But just you wait. Color is coming.

My first inclination was to paint the antique concrete urns that flank the door in a bright complimentary color. However, I quickly came to my senses on that nonsensical idea. Who would dare paint a patinated antique urn? Not me. Instead, I plan to purchase two large containers to add behind them of which I can shamelessly paint with wild abandon.

Yellow, perhaps? Insane, I know; but this girl is considering going there.

And I do so love the new light fixtures. I love the carriage style and the large scale. Not to mention the fact that they don't possess large flakes of crusty paint.

carriage light

Looking to the back yard, our back deck is basically a bowling alley spanning the entire length of the house. But right now I'm relishing in the fact that there is nothing on it except for the necessaries. I'm having a hard time planning a new seating arrangement - mainly because I don't want anyone sitting on it. It's new, it's pretty, and I don't want to share right now.

Let me have my moment.

grey deck

I'm sure by the time spring hits there will be plenty of action going on here.

mcm panamerican deck chair

I'm testing out my mcm Panamerican deck chairs. Although they don't look it, they are amazingly comfortable. Unfortunately, I think these are too small in scale to work here. I may have to pass them on to some more deserving owner; but I'm not ready to relinquish them just yet.

So that's where we are on the new facade, which began for us in January. Hubs just handed over the check yesterday and it's finally a done deal. What was planned as a two-week project turned into a two-month project. Weather, you know... Yeah, we're to thank for all the wild swings in the weather that don't normally occur in the South. Just plan a home remodel, and all hell breaks loose.

By the way, a huge shout out to Exovations for the siding & painting. They did a fantastic job and were a real pleasure to work with. No project ever goes as planned, and this one was no exception. We had a few incidents caused by the working crews, and Exovations made us more than whole - no qualms, no problems. I highly, highly, highly recommend this company and look forward to working with them again on our rental property. (not a paid post, just an uber honest opinion).

And now to top off this hazy lazy Sunday - dinner. Chicken breasts in balsamic vinegar reduction. Oh yes, it was that good.

chicken breasts in balsamic vinegar reduction



  1. We just did the same thing....new siding, paint and lights!!! In place of my facelift I might add:(. Next up is a new roof!

  2. Love what is happening at your house! Looking great!
    If I lived near you, I'd be over with my van to load up the patio furniture! ;)

    Here's my thoughts on Buckley's shedding. He needs a quality food plus fatty acids supplements/fish oil. He needs a regular grooming that includes a shampoo like oatmeal so his skin doesn't dry out. Then, I have found that following that with a creme rinse and rubbing it in will really make the hair on short hair dogs really drop off in clumps while rinsing him off. And finally a high power (groomer-type) blow-dryer to blow out the hair. I think you will be amazed at the difference. (Also a rubber brush on his coat every other day or so would be good but I don't do it that often) and finally, one of those little stick vacuums (I have a Dirt Devil Versa it sells for $20 at Target) is good for quick pick-ups....I have more suggestions but these are my main ones. Good Luck! xoxo

  3. oh, cynthia, you're a godsend! i am making his food + giving him supplements, so hopefully that will kick in at some point. but haven't given him a bath. he's skiddish + i was afraid to do it (he's 65 lbs!). you've convinced me to take him to my groomer + let them handle at least the first one. I have a furminator brush, but it did very little to help. any special type of rubber brush or just whatever i can find a the pet store?

  4. yeah, we discussed roof, too. it's near time. but it's just too darn difficult to fork over moola for two major projects at one time.i vote we forego the roof + team up for some "personal improvements!"

  5. The dog is adorable! We had boxers when I was a kid and I've never gotten over them. I hope you can solve the shedding problem--I don't remember it being an issue but, then, I was a kid and didn't care! And your house is looking mighty fine--I'll look forward to seeing it with flowers and the final deck arrangement!

  6. I would just ask at the pet store for a brush for a short hair dog .i.e. Boxer Also, make sure to tell your groomer that you want a creme rinse done on him. Many won't bother with it but I noticed a big difference with Blue. Hopefully you have a "sane" groomer. There are many that I've dealt with who get upset when requests are made. Finally, I can't believe I forgot to mention this but he's coming out of the winter season going into Spring and dogs normally drop A LOT MORE of their coats at this time! So this should be the worst, right NOW. good luck! xoxo

  7. Martha in GeorgiaMarch 12, 2014 at 8:18 PM

    I want to buy your old patio furniture!! I've been looking for vintage cast iron. Will you email me your area? I may be pretty close. I know Exovations. I've even taught the kids of one of the owner.


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