28 February 2014

Outdoor Furnishings - Raiding the Storage Unit

DISCLAIMER: I'm trying to learn PS Elements 11. I'm even taking a night class (but seem to be  making very little progress). For those of you considering taking the plunge, I ask, WHY? Is your current program doing what you need? If so, for the love of God don't do it! I'd rather scratch my eyeballs out than spend all my time on this learning curve, but I paid the bucks so, by golly, I'm determined... That said, please bear with me as I work through this process. I am painfully aware that the pic's aren't near what they should be (and may never be again)...

Anyway, I'm still in the process of determining exactly what type of outdoor furnishings I want in place of our current sets. I know I want modern; but before I fork over my life savings for new, I had the bright idea of raiding the storage unit to see if there was anything that might fit the bill.

Here's what I salvaged:

orange floral outdoor chair

Like the Regency style of the frame but not the color or the cushions. Besides, just one seems silly.

yellow outdoor chairs

The color is fun on this pair of chairs and they're very comfortable. However, these still have a bit of that 1950's style I'm trying to move away from.

mcm outdoor side tables

But this pair of side tables may have a place. I've always loved them + have never been able to put them up for sale. This overexposed picture shows one of the two. Love the legs and the marble tops.

1950s outdoor furniture

So there are my options. Nothing cohesive and all of it wrong. Other than the marble side tables, nothing is screaming "keep me."

Yeah, so I suppose that's it. Defeated, I'm now preparing myself to pull the trigger on purchasing new - unless someone knows a fabulous place for great modern vintage outdoor furniture in the Atlanta area. Any recommendations?



  1. I really like the faux bamboo chair. It wouldn't go with the pink and black wrought iron that's on my patio, but that's ok. It would make me happy every time I looked at it.

  2. oooh! pink + black - i like swanky! :) i've decided that this frame is what I'll be basing my search on - comfy, simple design, yet not overscaled in size.


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