07 February 2014

Corralling the Little Things with a DIY Acrylic Tray

Hello, all! As promised, today I'm revealing my project for the Michaels/Hometalk Pinterest Party happening on Sunday, Feb 16th from 1-4. If you haven't already, check out the participating Michaels Stores to find the location near you.

For our projects, we had the option of putting our own creative spin on one of these six ideas. And to be honest, I would have loved to have done one of each. (So many ideas running around in my brain!) But I had to contain myself and focus on one...

Can you guess which one I picked? I'd love to hear what your first guess was before you peek below to see my finished project.

hometalk michaels pinterest party projects

In the end I chose the embellished picture frame as my inspiration piece. Surprised? Maybe not so much when you see what I did with it.

I was inspired by the frame, but this one definitely isn't my style. So I took mine in a whole different direction. (I blame it on my compulsive need to have the pretty things in my home do double duty.)

And here's where it landed:

diy acrylic desk organizer

As a desk organizer! My picture frame turned into something pretty and functional - a desk organizer for my new office space. I couldn't love it more.

As promised, here's the step-by-step for those of you who might want to create one of your own. I found all the necessary supplies at my local Michaels Store.

  • Acrylic picture frame
  • Paint made for plastic, I love Design Master in gold
  • High gloss sealer (optional)
  • Painter's tape
  • Clear protective pads for feet
  • glass votives

clear frame

Remove the picture frame's cardboard insert and clean the frame to remove any oil residues. Next, apply painter's tape in a pattern of choice to the outside of the frame. You want to paint what will ultimately be the underneath of the tray.

Using a ruler helps ensure the tape is evenly spaced across the piece.

painting stripes

With a good seal made along all the edges of your tape, paint your piece using several light even coats. Holding it to the light will help show any unevenness. Once you've achieved good coverage, let your piece dry.

I took the additional step of adding a couple coats of high gloss sealer. If you choose to do so, be sure your paint has fully dried (read your paint's suggested drying time) before applying the sealer. The sealer is not necessary, I just wanted extra protection.

Once your paint + sealer has dried, remove the painter's tape by pulling it at a slight angle. Using an angle helps keep your edges clean.
painter's tape to make painted stripes
Last, apply the rubber feet to the bottom.

And you're done!

Isn't it pretty? And it was so easy to create.
striped acrylic tray
I also added some square votives to my tray which I found in the floral section of my Michaels. They're perfect for organizing all the little bits + pieces.

organizing an office

acrylic desk tray

Such an easy project that helped me corral all the little necessaries in my office space.

I'm slightly addicted to this project. I mean, the possibilities are endless!  Mod Podging a bold fabric to the bottom would be a great choice for a little pop of color then using them as drawer organizers, filling the tray with pebbles to hold  pots of succulents, or just maybe inserting a picture in the center (I know, crazy!).

Admittedly, I loved these trays so much I made a second one to organize my makeup + essentials.

picture frame organizer


So, are you as inspired as I was with the Pinterest projects? If so, don't forget to join in on the fun on Sunday, Feb. 16th.



  1. very cool! I LOVE it!

  2. Absolutely STUNNING project!!!

  3. So very cool! I love it. Would look very nice in any office. Your design is off the inspiration charts! WOW!

  4. karen, i blush! thanks for the kind words :)

  5. I am so completely in love with this idea. I have a whole stack of these frames that I was going to get rid of...not now!

  6. oh, that's perfect because if you're anything like me (an organizer), you'll find them a tad addicting! i purchased two more to make as housewarming gifts - filled with all those necessaries, of course.

  7. Laurel@chippingwithcharmFebruary 15, 2014 at 9:12 AM

    So very creative and beautiful!! It's been so fun getting to know you too. Good luck with the party tomorrow :)


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