19 February 2014

Burlap Monogram Wall Art

I didn't always appreciate burlap in the home the way some do. But I was attracted to its possibilities when I came across a burlap canvas at Michaels sitting next to some beautiful laser-cut wood medallions. The combination had me intrigued.

This is a simple project uses burlap canvas, two laser-cut wood medallions, a piece of scrapbook paper, burlap ribbon, and a wood monogram letter.

monogram wall art using burlap canvas

Using hot glue, apply the ribbon all along the side of the canvas. Next, attach your piece of scrapbook paper to the wood medallion. To avoid any lumps or bumps, I used a spray adhesive for this part of the project. 

monogram wall art using #laser cut wood medallion #scrapbook paper

Once the paper dried, I simply layered each of the remaining pieces in the order shown by attaching with hot glue.

burlap monogram wall art using #gold paint

Beautifully modern with a slight layer of rustic.

#burlap canvas #laser cut medallion #scrapbook paper #gold craft paint
burlap monogram wall art in aqua and gold

Such a pretty statement.


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