12 February 2014

A Geometric Design Table Runner

Spirograph sets were a mainstay in our line-up of games when growing up, always captivating our imaginations with a myriad of colorful curlycue's.
geometric design tablerunner
I never thought I'd rediscover the Spirograph as an adult; but I did, only in a whole new way.

Inspired by the geometric designs, I used a Spirograph to create a table runner. I knew it would be a fun, easy project and the perfect handmade craft for someone just starting a home of their own.
drop cloth table runner
Using a drop cloth as my fabric, I cut the fabric to the size and proportions for my table. (Drop cloths totally rock by the way. Their versatility knows few boundaries. I've recovered chairs with them, made inserts for baskets, and am currently using one as a bedspread in our master bedroom. Love them!)
geometric designs
After my table runner was made, I played with different designs + patterns with the Spirograph, being sure to mark which wheels and cogs were used, as well as which holes, as I selected each individual pattern.
making spirograph patterns
Once I was happy with my mix of designs, I applied the patterns to the table runner using an ultra-fine sharpie.
spirograph patterns
geometric designed table runner
geometric designs
spirograph designs
I just kept applying designs in a loose pattern all across the entire runner until I was satisfied with the end result. Last I added gold details with a paint pen.
spirograph designed decor
handmade table runner
A fun easy project that makes a great alternative to a tablecloth. The little bit of detail adds texture without entirely stealing the show.



  1. This is really cool. Funky. Fun. And retro. All at once. Love it!

  2. thanks, barbara! definitely takes me back!!


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