08 January 2014

Sea Urchins in my Bedroom

As our home's exterior gets its facelift, I've returned to the bedroom updates I began before the holidays. And thanks for the opinions on the color choice for our front door. Blue is a hit with y'all.

In the bedroom so far, I've replaced our bedspread with a drop cloth, decluttered the nightstands, and added a work space for the hubs. It's been over two months + I'm still loving the changes, especially the natural canvas drop cloth and how easy it is to wash when the pets sneak up there with muddy paws. (Score for easy solutions that look great!)

Much of what I've done so far has given the room a more modern feel which balances out all the traditional antiques we've accumulated. But I think it still needs a bit more. So when I came across these sea urchin wall sculptures, I knew I was going to incorporated them into the room. These are in the style of Curtis Jere which you might remember seeing them in my earlier post here.
gold wall sculptures
Today, I finally got to hang them.
pom pom wall sculpture
Yep. I left the sheepskin run as a backdrop. This wall needs a substantial piece to fill in all the space, and the rug helps fill in that void.
reproduction curtis jere wall sculpture
I simply hung the sculptures over it.
gold wall sculpture
sea urchin decor
Here's before
sheepskin rugs
And here we are so far.
eclectic bedroom
modern design
Still feel like the wall needs more, so I've decided to switch out the antique lamps after all and go with wall sconces.
ballard designs light

Love this one. And this one
ballard designs light
Both available from Ballard Design but I've found another source at a much better price ;)


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  1. I love it! I makes an awesome focal point in the room and so bold!


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