20 January 2014

Pinterest Lust - Macrame

Do you follow me on Pinterest? If you do, you may have noticed my flurry of pinning. I've been feeling quite inspired lately through the winter days spent indoors.

With all the pinning, I thought it would be fun to look at my newest Pinterest board to see what I've been lusting after this month.

As I continue to update the master bedroom (you can see the transition here, here, and here), I've developed a crush on macrame wall hangings. I'm not talking about your mother's 1970's macrame (although I would totally nab it if I came across the right piece). I'm talking about the modern beauties which have inspired me to perhaps/just maybe create one for my very own.
macrame wall art
pom pom macrame wall art
macrame window curtain
ombre macrame

macrame wall hanging
1. Sally England/2. Nikki Gabriel/3. Sally England/4. Artaurea/5. Sally England

As much as I love my sea urchins,
sea urchins over sheepskin
I think a piece of macrame would be perfect above the bed.
black macrame wall art
Sally England
Would you?



  1. well...............while these are pretty, uh.
    I don't care for them.
    I just can't get the thought of dust and stuff stuck to them out of my head
    and I doubt if they are washable.
    I mean, the "thought" is kinda nice
    but the reality would drive me crazy.

    1. my love of macrame is seen through rose colored glasses - i just don't care (this coming from a person who refuses to hang drapes for the very same reason). love is truly blind...

  2. I truly love these! I have never seen a macrame wall hanging! The blue one would look fantastic in your bedroom. I am in love with the white pom pom macrame wall hanging... love, true love!

  3. oh girl, you missed so much groovy awesomeness from the 70s - macrame was just one of them!!! but today's current versions are so much better.


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