22 January 2014

Mod Vintage Goodness

We've had a long three weeks of banging and wall rattling as the reno crew replaced the siding on our home. It's been a process - inside and out - as they moved around the perimeter of the house. But, I'm happy to say that they finally have it installed and have started on the painting. Finally, the end is in sight.

It's so refreshing to see a new coat of white on the exterior. And now there are some small spots of color popping up as well.
blue door
grey deck stain
I hesitate to show just little peeks of progress, because it isn't finished. It still looks barren. And it's hard to see the vision. But after weeks of deconstruction, it's so refreshing to see progress being made that I just had to share a little. I can't wait to get to the end.

Today I chose to leave all that crazy behind and spend the day in my booth. I hauled a small but worthy load of vintage goodness and got to play in it all afternoon.

Be ready, there's a little 60's/70's mod goin' on up in here, but in a groovy-yet-sophisticated kind of way.
mid century bedroom decor
gold starburst wall clock
retro orange wicker chair
I warned you.
hollywood glam storage cabinet
This piece of Hollywood glam is an ideal piece to use as a bar. You may remember her debut here, way back in August. I've been using her in my kitchen/dining area since then. She was a pretty addition and was a nice pop of color in the otherwise sea of brown that is that space. But it was time to let her go - mainly because I had nothing to fill an empty void I had at the booth. It was out of sheer necessity that I gave her up. 

Such is the story of my life.
mod wallpaper
1970's gold and floral white wallpaper
If you didn't see her as her former self, you'll want to check out her before pic's. It was quite a transformation. And now she's all glammed up. With her painted exterior and mod papered interior, she's ready for anything. 
buddah head
Next is a nice low-profile headboard in walnut and ebony and a beautiful nightstand by Stanley. The wall of hanging beads isn't typically my taste; but I must say, I'm kind of diggin' what its throwin' down here. Used judiciously, a beaded wall can be quite a nice statement.
mid century buddah decor
Next we have the Buddha head in a glass display case (removed here to eliminate glare). This piece I recently picked up at a high end estate sale that was full of collectible mid-century. That sale was cray cray with all the collectors running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I was lucky to have made it out unscathed.
gold starburst clock
I'm still crushin on this starburst wall clock. It's perfect for my basement. If it doesn't sell soon, it's coming home...

As you can see from my own eclectic interior, I appreciate all eras of modern 20th century vintage as much as I appreciate fine antiques. The period from 1920 to 1970 was the sweet spot. But my appreciation stops there. 1980's contemporary furniture will never be dear to my heart. And I was never a fan of its popular palette of rose and country blue. And the vision of hand-stenciled walls, geese with bonnets, and dark pine country furniture covered in floral velour is what my nightmares are made of. But how about you? Would you add a little 1970's into your decor?



  1. The booth looks great! That orange chair is . . . wow! And, I agree, it would be hard to part with the clock. When you mentioned 1980s decor, I blanked--what was it? Then you listed the details and I physically cringed! Oh, yeah--ick.

    1. at least you've been able to block it outth. at is until now... sorry about that! ;)


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