06 January 2014

A New Facade for the House

I'm kicking off 2014 with a home project that has actually been on the table since last spring. It's taken us that many months to digest the idea of having to relinquish such a chunk of cash to the undertaking, but we finally committed and are ready to take it on.

It's time to re-side our house (enter crickets chirping). Yeah...

See why we're not overly excited? I kind of equate it to having to purchase winter wear. It's necessary, but I'd much rather have a new dress. I mean, it's not as if we're getting a beautiful new kitchen or a luxurious spa bath, and there will only be minimal oooh's + ahhh's when it's complete. But it's an undertaking that simply has to be done. Period.

Now for the fun part, some ugly before pic's. Here's where we are today.
rotten wood
Rotten siding and trim
peeling light fixture
Crusty light fixtures.
rotten cupola
And a cupola that's missing a portion of its body and was housing a nest of bats (sorry for the horrid pic). I actually don't mind the bats - they're very shy creatures, keep to themselves, and are uber helpful at keeping the bugs at bay on our rural piece of property. Bats truly are a good thing, just not when they reside on my house. (We actually have bat houses on the property to encourage their stay).

So you see, it is time.

Now that we're fully committed to the project, the time has come to select paint colors. Our contractor uses Sherwin-Williams, so all paint choices are from their line. I've always used Benjamin Moore for my projects, so it will be nice to have an opportunity to try another maker. (I'll give my honest unsolicited opinion on the entire experience when the project is done.)

Here's a pic of the house. You can see where I've played with some door colors. But basically the house is a traditional white with forest green trim. We tend to prefer a more classic color scheme and actually really love what we currently have; however, this is our one opportunity to make changes should we decide to do so, so we carefully weighed our options.
Do you want to see where we're leaning as far as color?

I'm such a risk taker...
sw pure white paint
Pure White for the body
sw reserved white paint
Reserved White for all trim + detailing
sw iron ore paint
Iron Ore for the shutters
sw grizzle grey paint
And Grizzle Grey for the back deck stain

Beautifully neutral. I do love neutrals, completely + utterly. But I'm also a girl who loves a little dash of bold. So I'm going to add just a touch at the front door. I've found two shades that I love almost equally.

Traditional Forest Green is where we are today, and it's still an option.
green front door
But I'm really loving Eye Catching (love the golden hue of this yellow):
yellow front door
sw eye catching paint
and Loyal blue for its sophistication:
blue front door
sw loyal blue paint
I think my first choice is Eye Catching. I really love how the yellow ties in and has its own dynamic personality. But there's one factor that's pulling me away from it. I've been advised that SW exterior yellow paint colors don't hold up for any length of time before they fade. That's a big drawback. However, it's just the door, and I can easily repaint as needed.

On the other hand, I do love the sophisticated blue-green of Loyal Blue (it truly is more blue-green + not as navy as it reads on screen).

What do you guys think? Forest Green, Eye Catching, or Loyal Blue? I could really use your opinions on this one. I've gotta commit in a few days and I'm wavering like a willow in the wind.



Hello lovely reader! Please leave your thoughts and comments for me to ponder - I truly love reading each + every one!

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