20 December 2013

Embracing the Chore of Gift Wrapping

This week has been all about the gifts. Do you enjoy wrapping Christmas presents as much as I?

I know to some it can be a tedious task of epic proportions. But if you embrace the inevitable, the chore can become a holiday tradition to look forward to. And once they gifts are under the tree, you know that Christmas Day is soon to follow.

Here's a peek at my holiday wrapping for 2013. Perhaps it will inspire you (a nice cup of spiked egg nog also helps tremendously) to get the beast off your back so that you can enjoy these few remaining days of the season.
christmas gifts

recycling christmas cards
I love to recycle the fronts of old Christmas cards to use as gift embellishments.
silver and white gift wrapping
And this Santa gift tag has been with us since the girls were little. I think each of the four girls has her name written on the back from years past. This year it's going to one on the g'babies.
vintage christmas pick
A vintage Christmas pick found at a thrift store. Thrifts are a great resource for vintage holiday remnants.
kraft paper gift wrapping

felt angel
This felt angel is also a long standing member of our tribe.
floral pick
I like to wrap boxes so that the lid opens easily. By wrapping just the top of the box, the box can be used numerous time before having to be rewrapped. Knowing a box will be reused helps justify the time spent on the embellishing.
floral pick as gift embellishment
Don't judge the inside. I'm told I'm the only one who looks inside the box to see how well the wrapping is finished off. I'm going with that in the hopes that it's true.
how to wrap a gift box

natural gift embellishments
I always add in a few natural elements. It fits with whatever style I'm using that season.
gift wrapping with kraft paper
And a little handmade is always in order. This gift tag goes to the newest member of our family (insert heart).

Five more days, peeps! Just so you know, the pressure's on.


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