04 December 2013

A Perfect Giveaway from Perfectly Prosser

I love supporting independent artists. Preferring handmade over mass produced, I find their works have a certain warmth and character that can only be attained by their craftsmanship.

And Ms. Megan of Perfectly Prosser, is one such artist. Megan's shop currently specializes in beautiful chalkboard art and personally crafted watercolored pen + inks.
Her chalkboard typography is beautifully executed.
And her sweet pen + inks are softly bathed in watercolor.
Her style has a whimsical charm that's playful enough for a toddler yet quirky enough to pass as an eclectic piece of art when combined with an interesting frame.
perfectly prosser
See what I mean? In the proper setting + mounted in this ornate gilded frame, a giraffe becomes some serious art on the wall. I love the whimsy of it.

And as a way to help grow her shop, Megan is giving away one of her beautiful pieces to one lucky reader. Yay for you (sad for me)! To enter, simply visit her Etsy shop, Perfectly Prosser, and "favorite" the print of your choice then tell us in the comments which was your fave. Once you've done that, click this link to make your entry count:

Good luck!


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