16 December 2013

A Holiday Tradition

I love styling for the holidays. I appreciate how the evergreens brighten an otherwise dreary season. I love the aroma of fresh baked goods, and I enjoy the special touches thoughtfully placed throughout the home.
woodland christmas
But styling my home is only the beginning of the season. The moment Christmas becomes real is when I sit down to wrap the gifts.

Gift wrapping is an all day event in my home. It signals the holidays and brings in the spirit of giving.
christmas cards
The ritual is the same each year and begins with a cup of egg nog and a playlist of my favorite holiday tunes as boxes of paper, trimmings, and ribbons are brought down from the attic. Each gift is carefully wrapped, thoughtfully embellished, appropriately tagged, and placed under the tree.

I'm one of those who saves the wrappings, saves the bows, and saves the trimmings. I was taught from an early age to cherish them. I save the prettiest of Christmas cards and display them in the form of gift embellishments the following season.

It's a tradition.
upcycled christmas cards
Repurposed Christmas Card ca. 1998
vintage christmas cards
Repurposed Christmas Card ca. 1965

Most of the embellishments are handmade from old Christmas cards and vintage ribbons. Some were created by hands who have passed. Recirculating those gift tags through the next generation is one way to pass on their memory. Each "to" and "from" is scratched out as a new one is added, and we remember the previous gifters.
vintage christmas wrappings
And when it's all over and I'm covered in glue, I go from this
woodland christmas tree
A beautiful tree, to this
simple christmas tree
And this is what our Christms season is all about.



  1. Your tree is so lovely, Sarah...and I really love the idea of re-using Christmas cards as package embellishments! I'll be saving mine to do this next year! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comment...I'm a new follower on bloglovin'!

    1. welcome, linda! i'm so very honored to have you here.


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